Mercury Enters Taurus 2019

Mercury Transits 2019 continues with Mercury in Taurus. Mercury, planet of communication, is in Taurus for a month. This Fixed & Earth Zodiac Sign gives us the common sense communication! Mercury Enters Taurus May 2019 finishing the Post shadow...

Taurus New Moon Intentions 2019

Taurus New Moon Intentions 2019 marks the most grounded new moon of the year! Taurus New Moon intentions are all about Stability. Create a New Moon ritual based on Taurus Zodiac Sign attributes. New Moon Manifestation is a fertile time in the lunar...

Astrology Calendar May 2019

Astrology Calendar May 2019 brings sign changes for all the personal planets. Mercury, Venus, and Mars shift making major headway during the Retrograde season of 2019! Astrology Calendar May 2019 for all Astrological Signs But first, make sure...

Beltane Correspondences

Beltane Correspondences are a great way to enjoy one of the oldest celebrations that we know of. Beltane represents fertility (in the form of the Maypole) and the Cleansing power of Fire.  The Celts would douse the previous year’s fires and...

Saturn Retrograde 2019

Saturn Retrograde 2019 falls in conservative and pragmatic Capricorn. This means that this Saturn Retrograde is all about doing less with more and discipline. You see, Saturn rules career, tradition, and reputation. Saturn's placement in your chart...

Secrets to a Magical Life

Mystic astrology is a topic that has interested people for thousands of years. Mystic Family helps spiritual seekers unlock secrets to a magical life! Because having a Mystic Life is more than just knowing your zodiac signs.  The Mystic Life is about adding magick to every aspect of our lives in order to make our dreams into a reality!  Everything in Mystic Family centers around Moon Messages, how to Read the Stars, and Magical Living.

Mystic Family is all about Magical Living!

We share articles, classes and images on astrology, nature-based magic, the Moon, Planetary transits through the Zodiac signs, the Wheel of the Year, Ifa, Santeria, Celtic tradition, and Greek & Roman Mythology to incorporate spirituality & magic into everyday life.

Join the fun & discover practical secrets to a magical life. 

Moon Messages

Moon Messages focuses on lunar phases including the Full Moon, New Moon, waning Moon, and waxing Moon. Moon Messages are just one of many Secrets to a Magical Life.

The Zodiac Signs are examined specific to the corresponding moon cycle.

By understanding the astrology signs of the moon, mystic astrology helps you manifest your dreams.

Mystic Family created“Moon Messages Year at a Glance” to unlock secret astrology.

This guide examines the Moons impact through the Astrology signs and through the seasons of the year.  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter’s Moons are listed in a user-friendly guide.


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How to Survive and Thrive Moon Squares

Although Squares are “bad,” I’ve enjoyed success by understanding key secrets…

Read the Stars

Read the Stars focuses on Retrograde planets and planetary transits through the Zodiac signs. As Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto cycle through the astrology wheel, Mystic Family explores the meanings and impacts on our day to day life. Mystic astrology pays special attention to Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde, and Pluto Retrograde as pathways to a mystic life. Mystic Family offers a “Quick Guide to the Stars” to unlock more astrology secrets. This guide is an easy to use resource on Retrograde Planets and each Planet’s rulership, fall, exaltation, and detriment in the astrology wheel. Mystic Astrology is easy to apply in our day to day activities by using the planet’s energy in your favor.

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Uranus Retrograde vs. Mercury Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde vastly is more impactful than Mercury Retrograde because…

Magical Living

Magical Living is all about incorporating practical magic to every aspect of life. From Astrology Magic to Kitchen Witchery, Magical Housekeeping to Green Magick, we examine the Mystic Life. Focusing on modern witchcraft magick that is simple and practical is a big part of Mystic Family.

Articles cover topics including the Wheel of the Year, Ifa, Santeria, Celtic tradition, and Greek & Roman Mythology and Astrology Magick.

Mystic Family is about incorporating spirituality & magic into everyday life to create a life you love. 

Mystic Family offers the “Magical Year at a Glance” to unlock magick secrets.  This guide is an easy to reference guide that centers around the astrology wheel to help guide magick intentions and magick spells that actually work.

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Transformative Dream Magic Tools

Though the Dream world is illogical, & complex, the following 4 magic tools…

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By joining Mystic Family, you will receive weekly inspirations and secret astrology tools for all the star signs.  Whether you download the “Quick Guide to the Stars,” “Moon Messages Year at a Glance,” or the “Magical Year at a Glance,” or you download all of these guides, you will discover practical secrets to a magical life.

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Moon Phases

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