Mabon has arrived!  Fall is here!  The days and nights are equal in length.  Cold will soon set in.  

Typically I celebrate Mabon with a homemade, thanksgiving sized meal full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, a savory piece of meat, and breads.  This year is different- I’m going through tons of life changes.  I can’t make a big meal or bake pies from scratch when I’m in the process of moving & changing careers.  But the internal process of honoring the balance between light and dark, preparing for the cold, and reverence for the harvest are reverberating ever deep in my heart.  For this reason I have decided to go away from the norm and find Unorthodox ways to Celebrate Mabon.

Unorthodox Mabon Celebration Idea #1: Deep Clean

Am I the only person that says to herself every time she moves, “I have to get rid of more stuff.” Only to find that the next time I move I’m still holding on to the same junk or I have newer, shinier junk in it’s place?  I can’t do it anymore.  

With all of the changes in my life right now I cannot ignore the deep need to deep clean.  This is not just a physical manifestation of wiping surfaces, disinfecting, and scrubbing.  I am trying to deep clean my attachment to possessions that no longer serve me and release what is weighing me down.  

I’m incorporating reverence into this process with the help of Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  She suggests decluttering by reviewing whether an object brings one joy and thanking all possessions before discarding.  I’ve only heard good things about the Kondo method of decluttering.  And I’m not just decluttering stuff, I’m decluttering my soul.

Unorthodox Mabon Celebration Idea #2: Examine my relationship with Food

Speaking of carrying extra stuff, I’m carrying extra weight on my physical body that I’m ready to release.  I’ve been guilty of using food as a coping mechanism and a distraction from boredom.  Eating snacks in front of the T.V. is such a waste of my time and frankly I don’t even enjoy the flavors because I’m distracted.  I’m not saying goodbye to sweets, but when I have sweet’s I want to enjoy them mindfully and hold a space of gratitude for having food in the first place.  

I’m not shaming, judging, no-no, I’m thankful.  Reverence is key, as shame will hold me back.  I’m forgiving myself for over-indulging and thanking my body for withstanding the neglect.  And the scariest thing ever- I’m resolving to be fully present for the discomfort that I’ve been avoiding and postponing with food.  

To help me with this I’ve enlisted the help of Dr. Ramani Durvasula in her book “You Are Why You Eat.”  I’m getting deep down to the causes and conditions rather than the calories.  I’m letting go of the need to eat all food on my plate, practicing putting less food on my plate in the first place, and announcing this to the world in this blog.  Talk about scary!

Another part of examining my relationship with food involves cooking with intention and using magical ingredients.  Surprisingly, many magical kitchen ingredients are common and easy to obtain.  Find out more about the 7 Most Underused Magical Kitchen Ingredients. 

Unorthodox Mabon Celebration Idea #3: Walking

I don’t know about you but I must enjoy the final days in nature before the cold sets in.  I love walking and I don’t do enough of it.  I’ve challenged myself to walk the dog once a day until Samhain.  Instead of just letting him out, I’ve challenged myself to walk with him and explore.  

Walking helps me with mental decluttering because I can clear my head and think.  I’ll also enjoy the physical benefits.  But most importantly, walking gives me an opportunity to be in awe of nature.  

The eagerness and excitement that my dog exhibits when walking is inspiration to be amazed at all that surrounds me. I love seeing plant life- it’s resourcefulness, beauty, and grace.  Walking gives me an opportunity to enjoy nature before it gets too cold.

Bonus Unorthodox Mabon Celebration Idea #4: Take all the time I need. 

Finally, I must note that I have decided to release myself of any need to Celebrate Mabon the “right” way.  Traditions are great but I can’t afford to compare myself to any standard.  This means that instead of only celebrating the Sabbat on the “official” day, I intend to stretch out my festivities to relieve the pressure.  

Instead of a singular celebration, I’m turning this into a process that can take as long as it needs.  Making this a process with no rigid timeframe is just another way this is an unorthodox Mabon Celebration. 

Living Magically?

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Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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