The dreamy and intuitive Full Moon in Pisces falls on September 6th, 2017 at 3:03AM EST.  This opposition between the Sun in Analytical Virgo and the Moon in Spiritual Pisces is unique because Neptune will conjunct the moon the same day.  The square off between these two mutable signs is amplified with Neptune literally standing behind the moon.  The psychic powers of Pisces will take center stage.

Expect the dream world to come to life and don’t be surprised if emotions and memories flow in like powerful waters.  The depths of emotion are an important place to visit as part of our human journey.  But if you are like me, I have to do so with focused intention.  For ideal results, try the following three tools:

1. Water Magic

Water is an immensely powerful element and force often used to symbolize emotional depths.

To keep your dreams clear and free of negativity, put a clear glass of water by your bed before you go to sleep.  The water will absorb negativity during your slumber and promote peaceful dreams.  Be sure not to drink the water because that would defeat the purpose.  Also, use a clear glass!  If you have small children or pets, be sure to place the glass where it won’t break.  Once you wake up dump the water.  Do not hold onto the yuck yuck!  Do not use the same glass of water more than once because that will diminish its effectiveness.

2.  Herbs & Essences

There are a lot of natural ingredients that promote both lucid and psychic dreams.  The following list of herbs can be used to promote sleep, dreams, and or calm.


Herbs Effects Application
Chamomile Calming, Relaxing, Sleep, Meditation, Peace Essential Oil & Fresh/Dried Flowers- Tea
Clary Sage Calming, Euphoria, Dreams Essential Oil
Jasmine Love, Peace, Spirituality, Sleep, Psychic Dreams Fresh Flowers (Hard to come by Essential Oil that isn’t synthetic
Lavender Calming, Peace Essential Oil & Fresh/Dried Flowers
Marjoram Peace, Sleep, Longevity- Essential Oil, Fresh Leaves/Flowers
Mimosa Psychic Dreams, Love Fresh Flowers
Mugwort Psychic dreams, Astral Projection Fresh Leaves
Myrrh Spirituality, Meditation, Healing Essential Oil, Resin
Sandalwood Spirituality, Meditation, Healing Wood, Essential Oil

There are many ways to use these herbs.  To promote sleep and induce dreams I like incorporating these scents in my bedroom.  Adding an herb sachet to my pillow case or essential oils to the linens is easy and very effective.  Please note- Essential oils can cause skin irritation.  Do not apply directly on the skin! The oils can also stain clothes.

3. Dream Journal

I believe that dreams are messages from the depths of our soul that the conscious mind cannot grasp.  The Dream world is confusing, illogical, and complex.  Much like Alice in Wonderland, the events that transpire in our dreams reflect our emotions, fears and desires.

To analyze these spirit messages, I like to write them down.  I’ve found it easiest to jot down my dreams as soon as I wake up.  I keep a journal and pen in my nightstand exclusively for dreams.  Instead of trying to write out long paragraphs detailing my dream I bullet important notes, images, or events for future reference.  Having all my dreams in one place helps me refer back to them later and reflect on their significance with hindsight.

I also purchased a dream dictionary to get deeper insights as to the hidden meanings.  I find a lot of books on this subject in the used bookstore for less than $5 each!  If you get a book, I recommend smudging it with Sage or incense to clear out any energy from the previous owner.  also recommend looking through the dream book prior to purchasing it and making sure it resonates with you.  Some books have pretty covers but don’t define many commonplace items or situations in dreams.  Most importantly, use meanings that resonate with you.

Do you have rituals that help you sleep and remember your dreams?  Please comment and share what you do.  Enjoy these suggestions and let me know which ones work best for you.  As always, Please like and share!

Love, Light & Reverence,


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