The Mercury Retrograde has finally come to an end!  This is a very fertile time to supercharge this energy to achieve your dreams if you know how to use it.

Stationing Direct, Mercury rules communication, technology and thinking.  Although Mercury only spends a few weeks in each Zodiac Sign, it stations Retrograde three times a year for about three weeks.  For this reason, Mercury transits through the 12 Zodiac Signs about once a year. 

I love Astrology, but I love its Practical Application even more.  Incorporating these energies into my everyday routine in simple, realistic, and bite-sized ways is fun.  I have a toddler.  I “ain’t got time” for complicated ways to release the retrograde!  The following 4 ideas are simple ways to jumpstart Mercury’s energy without looking for hard-to-find ingredients or driving yourself crazy.

1.       Cooking with Mercurian ingredients!

Do you like food?  I do.  I like food so much that I eat every day! (hehehe…)  Well if you like food like I do, then you can simply celebrate Mercury by cooking with everyday ingredients.  All you have to do is know what ingredients are related to Mercury.  Easy to find herbs such as Caraway (the yummy stuff in rye bread), Celery Seed, Dill, Fennel, Parsley, and Peppermint are just a few herbs that all have the Mercurian powers!  There are so many ingredients that if you’re allergic to one, you can easily use something else.  (Small allergy disclaimer!)

These herbs are powerful ingredients that are great for fostering mental clarity, memory, purification, conscious mind, calm, and protection.  Whether it’s drinking Peppermint Tea, eating a sandwich with Rye Bread, or seasoning my food with Parsley, you can easily enjoy these benefits.  By incorporating these ingredients into your meals for the first half of September, you will be adding magic to your life without complicating it!

2.       Aromatherapy ~ Essential Oils, Relaxing Baths, & Fresh Flowers!

Just as there are certain culinary herbs that invoke Mercury, there are luxurious fragrances that do the same. Ingredients such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Peppermint, Spearmint, & Sweet Pea are Mercurian in nature.  These aromas have multiple benefits but in relation to Mercury, they promote peace, conscious mind, purification, sleep, healing, memory, and psychic awareness.

As a mom of a small child, the idea of a relaxing bath sounds like a pipe dream.  But back when I had a life of my own I used to love a good bubble bath.  Because I’m strapped for time I found that an easier way to incorporate Aromatherapy is to keep a little bowl of lavender handy.  When I want a little pick-me-up, I rub the little lavender flowerer through my fingers to activate the scent.  Lavender is easy to find and it keeps its scent a very long time.  I just put a teaspoon or so in a tiny dish and store the rest in an air tight container.  If you have the means, essential oils of these scents are a good investment.  I just add a couple of drops to my shampoo or laundry detergent and it goes a long way.

3.       Strategic Planning & Organizing

At first it may seem like what?  How is “Strategic Planning & Organizing” simple or user-friendly?  Let me explain.  Remember that Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo.  Gemini is the chatty, air element, messenger and Virgo is the earth element, practical, precise, & meticulous analyzer.  If you are visual, this would be a good time to map our goals by illustrating them.  If you are a writer, then jot them down.  In whichever way is true to you, plan it out!  

I would recommend looking at the area in your life that is least organized or that has been most afflicted during this Mercury Retrograde season.  Without dwelling too much on why things are not right, try to focus on what you can do to get them right.  I understand that it’s important to analyze the problem to avoid repeated failure, but the majority of your time should be on a positive solution.  If you don’t know how to fix the situation, that is ok.  Just write or describe how you want it to be.  The “How” will come if you know “What” you are working towards!

4.       Stones & Colors

If you don’t like the herbs listed in #1, or you don’t have the scents listed in #2, no need to worry!  Mercury is also associated with natural stones and colors.  Agate, Aventurine, & Fluorite are stones that are associated with Mercury.  If you’re the natural stone type, keep one of these on your desk while you work or in your pocket to keep your mind clear.

Another easy way to magnify your results is to use colors.  Virgo’s colors are grey and navy blue.  Grey makes me think of Mercury because the planet has grey hues.  Much like Mercury, grey is in the middle, neither black nor white, but in between.  Mercury is neither Feminine, nor Masculine, neither Positive in polarity, nor Negative in Polarity.  Mercury is Polarity Neutral.  Blue is another great color to use.  Remember that the throat chakra is blue too.  If you have an important presentation or discussion, try to wear some blue to boost your communication!

Timing for Best Results

I’m a firm believer in doing the best you can from where you are.  Before I would have tried to coordinate all these suggestions at the same time.  Can you imagine?  I would try to take a Lavender bath while drinking Peppermint tea, while holding an Aventurine stone and Journaling on the exact moment Mercury goes Direct.  That sounds like a disaster!

Instead I recommend slowly incorporating these tips and spreading it out over time.  You don’t have to do all of these ideas.  You don’t have to do all these things at once.  What I’ve found to work best for me in my life is to do little bits over time.  I would recommend incorporating these a few days before Mercury goes Direct and continuing for at least a week.

Remember that sometimes it takes a day or two to feel the effects of Mercury going direct so take it easy on yourself.  Don’t expect everything to be resolved in one day because there is a lot going on.  Easy does it!

I think it was Tony Robbins that said people will over-estimate what they can accomplish in a day, week, or year but underestimate what they can accomplish in 3, 5, & 10 years.  This is a great time to state your intentions, goals, and dreams.  You might just surprise yourself and wake-up a few years from now only to realize you’re living your dream that you mapped out with the help of Mercury & Mars in Virgo!

Finally, I want to thank you for reading this and I hope it is helpful.  Please share your thoughts.  Do you have a ritual or advise for people now that the Mercury Retrograde is over?  Do you notice a shift during and after Mercury Retrograde?

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Love, Light & Reverence,


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