I was so excited!  “The Eclipse is here! The Eclipse is here!” I shouted with glee.  My husband and I didn’t order eclipse glasses in time so we made homemade eclipse viewers with cereal boxes and binoculars.  I was so excited I sacrificed three cereal boxes incase my toddler decided to view too!  With the passing of every moment the anticipation thickened and deepened. 

Then it happened…  The moment came and went… and I was left to compare my expectations to the reality of my experience.  On physical, emotional and spiritual levels, the following are my misconceptions of this eclipse and the lessons I learned:

1.       I Thought I Could Look Directly at the Sun

I know… I know… Every scientist I heard stressed the importance of not looking directly at the sun.  Facebook articles, posts, and memes also cautioned eclipse viewers.  My mother even texted me that morning and in her loving mommy way reminded me Not to look directly at the sun.  But I must admit that despite my regularly cautious nature and my respect for authority, I thought I could get away with looking at the eclipse with my naked eye!  I thought everyone was overreacting.  As someone that looked directly at the sun, I must admit it was a horrible idea and I will not do it again!  Woops.  Lesson learned: Don’t look at the sun!

2.       I Thought It Would be Darker and Scarier

I was not in the path of totality- but I was close!  I thought for sure that it would look more apocalyptic.  I thought the sky would turn completely dark and wild animals would run and shout.  While I did see a bunch of birds fly away in an odd pattern, overall it was more calm and subtle than I expected. Lesson Learned: Next time, (there is another total Eclipse in Chile and Argentina in 2019 and the USA 2024) get in the path of totality to totally get freaked out!

3.       I Expected Too Much in the Weeks Leading Up

Between the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th, 2017 and the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 I had all these plans!  As an Astrology lover, I studied everything I could get my hands on to maximize this time.  I was supposed to figure out everything, completely clean my house, and lose weight without trying.  It sounds silly but the weeks leading up to the Eclipse were supposed to be a time of clarity, peace, and new direction.  I had expectations of doing a major clearing/cleaning of my house, my heart, and my soul.  The reality was totally different!  I had the blues, I had a hard time getting out of bed, writing more articles, I just wanted to hide and watch tv.  I think I put too much pressure on myself.  The lesson is clear- Don’t try to accomplish a lifetime’s work in a few weeks!  Take it easy!     

4.       I Expected an Ecstatic Spiritual Experience During the Eclipse

During the Eclipse, I expected a Zen moment but frankly- The energy was just weird.  I don’t even have the right words to explain it!  My thoughts were not organized.  I felt uneasy.  I had competing desires to clean the house and look at the eclipse and meditate, light a candle, and put the dishes away.  I’m not normally this scattered.  I realize now that there is so much going on during an eclipse that I need to experience more and expect less!  Lesson Learned: Spiritual Experiences cannot be forced or anticipated!

5.       I Didn’t Expect to Feel So Good & Grateful After!

When the Eclipse was over, I felt a huge relief.  The Clarity and Closeness that I had been seeking weeks prior finally found me!  I don’t how or why but something happened.  My shoulders got lighter.  I let go.  I let go of ideas that no longer worked.  I let go of expectations that served no purpose. And I let go what “it” had to look like.  The weeks of the blues prior to the eclipse were part of this transition.  After the Eclipse, I felt a relief and strong sense of direction to just be in the now!  I learned that like most good things in life, Eclipses are like exercise, feels horrible before and during but amazing after!

Most of these lessons and expectations, (even the whole looking at the sun thing,) are just part of the human experience.  If you can relate to the need to take it easy and let the transformation work its course, sign up for our email list.  Like our page, and most importantly, please share!

Though the Eclipse has come and gone, the energy and momentum is not over!  I’ve always looked at new moons as fertile moments in time to initiate new projects and intentions.  The beginning of the new lunar cycle, having the Sun and Moon aligned in the same place, is a special occurrence.  The moon will continue growing, or waxing for two weeks!  Use this time to release the pre-eclipse and grow the great things that remain.  To find out more about how to do this, be sure to like or subscribe to make sure your get the next article. 

Thanks for reading, sharing, and most importantly, Understanding!

Love and Light,


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