Surviving Hurricane Irma in Florida has been a monumental learning experience.  Everyone in my family is safe and I was extremely lucky the forecasters were off because I live in an evacuation zone and was supposed to be in the track of the eye of the storm. 

Facing my mortality and wrestling with tough decisions regarding safety and property has forever changed me.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, my family, my priorities, and mother nature.  Considering the current Waning moon and its propensity to assist in release, I cannot help incorporating the lessons from this experience with this lunar cycle.  The following 5 Lessons describe what I’ve learned from Hurricane Irma and how they relate to the Waning Moon Cycle. 

1.       It’s a Process not an Event!

I’m impatient.  No ifs, ands, or buts! I want what I want and I want it now!  Hurricane Irma was very slow.  The lead up to the event was almost a week and it took about 24-36 hours to get in and out.  In this case there were three periods: leading up to the hurricane, the hurricane, and the clean-up.  The slow progress of the Hurricane reminds me of changes in my life.  I want to see immediate progress!  I want to lose 20 pounds in 10 seconds or have my house cleaned in less than a minute.  But nature, life cycles, changes, and just everything in general- is a process, not an event!  Nothing I can do will change that- and the quality of my life will improve if I change how I look at things. 

I don’t expect the moon to go from new to full in a day, and I can’t expect my life to be that way either.  As the moon transitions from New, to Waxing, to Full, to Waning, and finally to Dark, each transition symbolizes a necessary stage of the cycle. Each step has its purpose.  I believe that if I see things as a process or cycle instead of an event, I won’t have such high expectations!

2.       What I don’t need…

One of the biggest threats we were facing was storm surge.  At one point, they were anticipating up to 15 FEET where I live!  I was scared and desperate to protect my property.  The news suggested raising valuables as high off the ground as possible to protect from water damage.  As I went through my home and raised our possessions I was saddened to see how much shit I have that is not important.  I was terrified of loosing things that I truly could never replace. I keep way too much crap out of obligation that I don’t need and it gets in the way of the stuff I really love.  These possessions are not just literally weighing me and my family down, they are spiritually and energetically stagnating us too! 

My lesson here was crystal clear- I had to purge.  The waning moon decreases in size and represents letting go, decrease, and endings.  Just like the waning moon, I decided to get rid of the stuff I don’t really need before putting anything back.  I’ve already started and I already feel lighter!

3.        Who I do need!

I was originally supposed to be in the eye of the storm so I looked for places to stay with my daughter.  I did not want to go to a shelter and I have family all over the state, so I called around.  Some family came out of the woodwork to call me and check on us.  Unfortunately, I had other “family” that never responded to me when I asked if I could weather the storm with them.  At first, the lack of response broke my heart.  But then, I got a sense of relief.  I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders because I realized that I didn’t have to pretend that those relationships were something they are not. 

The lack of response made me think of the last quarter of the moon cycle because it is decreasing in size and I want to reduce the amount of time I spend on relationships that no longer serve me.  I’m looking at the relationships that have come to an end with gratitude and love and a knowing that new and better ones will take they’re place.    

4.       Judge not…

Leading up to Hurricane Irma we received a lot of calls and messages from friends and family.  Although they were all generally asking about our safety and urging us to leave, I noticed a huge difference between how they did so.  On one side was the family that disagreed with us staying but urged us to stay safe and keep in touch.  On the other side was the drama drama, life and death, judgement filled, armchair quarterbacking critics.  I thought it was funny how some people on the opposite side of the country thought they knew what we should be doing.  Now, to their defense the national media’s coverage was apocalyptic in comparison to the local news, so I can understand why they were scared.  But real love is without attachment!  Real love involves respect for other’s opinions even if you disagree!    

Being on the receiving side of judgement teaches me to be sure not to judge others because I don’t like how it feels.  Just as I don’t like how I was judged for staying, I can’t judge them for how they reacted.  It’s a waste of time and energy.  I’m letting go of judgement of others and my relationships with the critics in spirit of the last quarter moon!

5.       Water, Coffee, and Radio- I’m rich!

Although Hurricane Irma is gone, her effects are still front and center.  The neighborhood is missing some trees and there is a lot of branches on the roads.  I haven’t had power for a couple of days and Florida is HOT!  Despite the inconvenience the truth is I have all I need.  I have food in coolers, tons of water, and even a radio!  Even without electricity I still have more conveniences than most of the world’s population.  I have no right to complain!  It’s been interesting and we’re having to get creative. I mean, we’re making coffee by boiling the water on the grill.  Grilling coffee is pretty unusual, but I am so grateful to be with my family that I will gladly have grilled coffee and sticky heat so long as we are together.

This natural disaster has put everything in perspective.  I can’t complain about ANYTHING!  As far as I’m concerned- I’m the luckiest person on this plant! 

I hope you find that you too are the luckiest person on the planet! Be grateful for electricity, shelter, water, family and friends.  If you are into the moon cycles and how they influence our lives, like Mystic Family and Please Share this post!

Love and Light,


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