As an Empath, I’ve learned that events that bring joy and excitement to others can bring me anxiety and discomfort.  With Eclipse Season upon us, it is especially important to guard my energy. 

At first, I thought something was wrong with me.  I was too emotionally connected, sensitive, uncomfortable in large groups, and quick to tear.  I didn’t understand why images of children refugees in Syria and families at the U.S. and Mexico boarder made me cry- like ugly cry!  But I live in this world and I had to learn to protect myself.  I had to accept that I was different than others and my life would not look “normal.”  Unlike others, I must be extra careful of who I surround myself with, what type of television I watch, and what I eat.  I even have to be mindful of the energy of the person who prepared my food!  I’ve been at this a while, so the following 5 things are what I do to survive Eclipse Season as an empath.

Eclipses affect me differently than most.  Last year’s Eclipse Season came with conflicting energy for me.  And the Energy that Eclipses brings intensifies everything!  The word “Eclipse” is derived from the Latin and means to leave out.  An eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun form a straight line obstructing the Moon from the Sun or the Earth from the Sun.  A Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full Moon and means that the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.  A Solar Eclipse occurs during a New Moon and means the Moon is between the Sun and Earth.    

Eclipse Image

Eclipse Image

1.       Manage my Eclipse Season Expectations

I used to envision an eclipse as a celestial event with magical, glittering pixie-dust sprinkling from the heavens upon the Earth bringing instant world peace.  Yeah right!  Eclipses can be awkward.  Eclipses are rare, not the norm, and thus can be uncomfortable.  At the climactic moment when the Sun, Moon, and Earth perfectly align, my stomach is usually in knots.  While this isn’t to say that eclipses are bad or should feel bad, managing expectations is the first thing I do to protect my energy during eclipse season.

Instead of expecting an earth-shattering spiritual experience, look to the subtle messages, nuances, synchronicities, peculiar signs, and quiet whispers.  These faint voices illuminate messages of love, truth, and bring inner peace.  Remembering that spiritual growth is an “inside job” as Brené Brown teaches, I encourage the spiritually sensitive to manage their expectations of eclipse season by being open to the universes’ subtle teachings.  Most noteworthy, I keep a journal handy.  I find that writing these lessons down proves bountiful upon later reflection.

2.       Slow Down

The day of an eclipse is not a time to schedule tons of activities, run a marathon, or jam-pack the to-do list.  In Eclipse Season, Energy is magnified, accelerated, and easily excitable.  Eclipse day (and the days surrounding the eclipse) is a time to take it easy!  This is a time to make sure you are well rested, to relax, and to plan! 

Again, it’s an “inside job!”  To do the inside work, I can’t be running around at the beck and call of all the external clamors!  I recommend going slower- not faster- to be spiritually connected during eclipse season!  As a Spanish King once said to his attendant, “Visteme Despacio que voy de prisa.”  This means, “Dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry.”  When you are in a hurry or when the energy is easily excitable, take your time!  Otherwise, we actually take longer because mistakes are made and we have to do things twice.

When I’m struggling to slow down, and my thoughts are racing, I find I’m ineffective.  After much practice, this is my quick 123 Slowdown Method:

123 Slowdown Method

123 Slowdown Method

This method immediately puts me in the present moment.  Breathing deeply helps me be more grounded and reconnect to my body.  Asking myself my physical location puts me in the present moment because when I’m going too fast my mind races to the past and the future.  The present moment starts wherever my feet are planted!  Finally, asking myself what the most important thing is helps me channel my nervous energy into focusing to complete one task.  Typically, the most important thing is one of the obsessing about is the most important thing to do and thinking about it is brings more anxiety.

3.       Remember, Time takes Time

The Leo King refers to eclipses as scissors in time.  I like that!  But just because an eclipse occurred doesn’t mean the cord is completely cut.  Endings take time. 

Full Disclosure, I’m Impatient!  I want transformative results instantaneously.  I’m the gal that wants to lose weight that I spent 6 months gaining in 6 work-outs.  I expect intentions that I set to instantly materialize.  I forget that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Often, I forget that the journey is just as important as the destination.

When I stop obsessing over the exact second of the eclipse and I internalize it as an eclipse season, I lessen the pressure.  This allows me to be more mindful in the moments.  When I see eclipses as a period of transformation rather than a singular momentary instant, I’m more open to the lessons it brings.  This allows me to focus more on the journey of transformation rather than a singular, linear, event.

Another reason it is important for me to let time take its’ course is because as an intuitive, I don’t always feel astrological events at the exact moment of the aspect.  Sometimes I feel the impact of a retrograde a few days or two before the actual event.  And sometimes, even though a planet is direct, I can still feel off. 

4.       Lean into the Uncomfortable

I used to hate the saying.  “Lean into the Pain.”  I used to wonder what kind of masochistic person made up that horrible advice.  Who does that?  Pain sucks!

Today I have a new understanding of what “leaning into the pain” looks like.  I say, “lean into the Uncomfortable.”  Discomfort is not the same as Pain!  While I don’t seek out pain, I know that “awkward happens” and that is ok.  I used to think that awkward, anxious, and uncomfortable  emotions meant something was wrong with ME.  I took on a burden that wasn’t mine to carry.

Now I know that the uneasy feeling means something is off- not that I’m off!  My body is telling me to do something about it- like a gauge telling me there is too much pressure.  The anxiety is like an iceberg- discomfort is the tip of the iceberg manifesting itself as a symptom to a much larger cause.  Leaning into the discomfort means acknowledging the iceberg and being willing to examine it.

When I’m trying to lean into discomfort I tell myself the following affirmations:

  • I’m Safe (If this is not true Leave and get Safe Immediately- Safety First!)
  • I’m Ok.
  • This too shall pass.
  • I’m uncomfortable and that is OK.
  • It’s not my job to make others around me Ok.
  • I don’t know what is best for everyone.
  • This emotion is not permanent

I find that when I allow uncomfortable moments to pass, I’m usually pleased after it’s over.  Instead of trying to change or fix the discomfort, I look to it as a gauge.  I ask myself, what is this feeling trying to tell me?

5.       Pay Attention to the Moon & Stars

Part of my practice of protecting my energy is keeping in tune with the lunar cycle and celestial events.  Today there are tons of calendars that include the moon phase and astrological events.  I keep one handy to be in the know.  Everyone is different.  I’ve paid enough attention to know how the Moon and Stars personally affect me.  To protect my spiritual strengths, I pay attention to Astrology so that I know when to be extra careful and when to be carefree. 

I pay attention to full moons, new moons, quarter moons, planet transits, and retrograde planets.  The planet transits are important because every time a planet enters a new Zodiac Sign, the areas ruled by that planet change too.  The lunar cycles are important because they indicate changes in the gravitational alignment.  As an intuitive, these subtle, seemingly insignificant changes impact my sensitivity.  If the moon has the power to dictate the tides of the all the world’s oceans, and we are mostly made up of water, how can I not be impacted by the moon? 

Other’s connect intimately with chakras, or numerology, or traditional religion.  I don’t’ think it matters so much what you watch, rather I think it’s important to pay attention to you individually and cultivate self-awareness.

Don’t go at it alone!

One of the best ways I protect my empath sensitivity is with help.  If you want to join a community, join us at  Sign up for inspirations and download your free copy of Moon Messages Year at a Glance, Quick Guide to the Stars, or Magical Year at a Glance.  These three tools help me keep centered and in-tune.

Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

P.S.  Anxiety is a real affliction that sometimes requires medical attention.  The experiences shared in this article are my personal experience and are not intended to be interpreted as medical advice.

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