My quest for magical kitchen ingredients has led me down a long journey of rare books, unique herbs, and gorgeous glass jars.  After gathering as many magic spices and kitchen witchery books as I could afford, I’ve come full circle and am in the practice of simplifying my kitchen magic.  With simplicity in mind I’ve come up with a list of the 7 most underused magical kitchen ingredients, practical magic kitchen tips, and resources to use each ingredient. 

Magical Kitchen Ingredient #1:

Water is an incredibly magical ingredient, and in it’s frozen form it is extremely potent!  Although my purpose isn’t to focus on why these ingredients are magical, if you want compelling evidence on water’s magical properties and the power of intention, check out the book The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto.  It is well worth your time.  

At an early age I knew that ice was an effective magic ingredient for curses.  Long story short, one family member tried to “freeze” another.  (Talk about witchy family drama!)  I learned that “icing” someone, their name, effects, etc. could literally freeze their progress & development.  I didn’t like it one bit!  

That experience made me think of ice as a forbidden magic ingredient, (I don’t like ill-willing others), but ice is not bad!  The key to using ice positively is to use it to freeze the progression of the bad.  After all, we need the capacity to keep food and freezing food halts the progression of rotting.  So in the same vein I learned to use ice for good.    

The best way I’ve found to use ice is to use it to halt the escalation to fights**.  When things get heated, (and not in a good way), a few ice cubes on the floor can immediately metaphysically and energetically cool a hot temper.  When I find myself getting angry I’ll take an ice cube and press it against my forehead and behind my neck to cool my thoughts.     

**Major Disclaimer: In a dangerous situation forget the freezer and get out of the house!  Safety first!  Also, when the ice melts it will create a puddle that could be a slipping hazard and could damage certain types of flooring so don’t put it in high traffic areas and clean it up quickly!    

But for the non-dangerous anger flare ups, ice is your best friend.  Because after all, it’s the people we love the most and spend the most time with that can make us the most frustrated!  So use ice to keep the unavoidable conflicts cool.    

Magical Kitchen Ingredients
#2 & #3: Sugar & Honey

Who doesn’t want to sweeten their life?  Sugar and Honey are my favorite magical kitchen ingredients to work with because they add sweetness, harmony, and love to any situation.   Sugar and Honey can be combined with other magic ingredients or magic herbs depending on your intentions.  Honey jars are awesome ways to create long lasting sweetness.  One of the best resources I’ve found for specific Honey Jar spells and sugar spells is Hoodoo Honey & Sugar Spells by Deacon Millett.  The following is just a few examples of what sugar and honey magic can do in your life:

  • Home- Brings Harmony, Attracts Unity, Promotes Peace
  • Love- Attract a Partner, Promote Reconciliation, & Sway a Lover  
  • Work- Sweeten Job Interviews, Attract Customers, & Promote Business
  • Institutions- Sway Legal Proceedings, Sweeten Banks, Loans, & Insurance Companies in your favor

While I’m not a proponent of using magic to manipulate or control others and I am big advocate for setting positive intentions.  Motives are essential.  If your motives are self serving I urge you to focus on changing yourself before trying to changing others.  Positive motives sow strong roots, shallow motives sow shallow roots. 

A personal example that I practice daily is my morning coffee ritual.  When I pour honey in my morning coffee I make 3 hearts, stir clockwise, and set the intention of sweetening my day and being sweet to others.  When I add sugar to my husband’s coffee, I stir clockwise and petition the sugar that it may sweeten his day.  The difference in the petition is subtle but the karmic consequences are worlds apart! Motives matter!

Magical Kitchen Ingredient #4:

I feel like I can’t talk about sugar without mentioning salt.  Sugar and salt are like two sides of the same culinary coin.  Ever notice how a 1/4 teaspoon of salt can make a dessert taste heavenly?  Or how a little sugar in a salty treat like spaghetti sauce can make it taste amazing? Having both is essential to promote balance in the kitchen and in rituals. 

Salt is historically magical.  Salt is an excellent magical ingredient for Protection, Cleaning, and Making Sacred Space.  Running out of salt in my house is a big no-no for me.  It’s like leaving myself psychically defenseless. 

My favorite way to use salt is to use it as a barrier.   I use salt as a protective barrier in sacred spaces and along my property line.  When I’m creating sacred space I circle with salt clockwise and when I’m warding off negativity I circle counter clockwise.  I use different types of salt depending on my needs both when cooking and when practicing magic.  The following lists types of salt and their practical applications:

  • Earth based Salts- Promotes Grounding
  • Sea Salt- Promotes Emotional Healing & Spiritual connectivity
  • Black Salt- Promotes Protection, used in Curses
Magical Kitchen Ingredient #5:

Cinnamon is like the swiss army knife of magical ingredients for potions.  This spice is one of my go-to magical ingredients for spells because it is so versatile.  Cinnamon promotes Luck, Abundance, Home, Protection, Success, Love, Spirituality, and Purification. 

Another unique aspect about cinnamon is that it has a dual element.   I love the earthy and grounding element to cinnamon in the texture and feel of it’s bark and it’s homemade food scent.  The spiciness and intensity of the cinnamon flavor breathes a fire element that adds an energizing spark when used!  The following list is just some of the ways I use cinnamon:

  • Add a little bit of Cinnamon to coffee grinds before brewing to bring luck and prosperity to the day
  • Add a Cinnamon stick to the household cleaner to protect the home and promote abundance
  • Burn a Cinnamon stick as incense. *Careful not to let embers fall & never leave unattended!
  • Chew Cinnamon gum during a difficult conversation to help make your words more magical
  • Keep a Cinnamon stick above the front door or windows to keep a home safe from unwanted energies 

My favorite resource for other magical cooking ingredients, herbs, flowers, teas, and spices is Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham.  This is my go to reference in the kitchen because it references each magic ingredient and its’ uses!

Magical Kitchen Ingredients
#6 & #7: Garlic & Onion

Just as Cinnamon acts as a magnet and attracts, Garlic and Onion acts as a shield and protects!  Garlic and Onion are both Alliums with a fiery masculine element, but Garlic wards and repels and Onion absorbs and internalizes.  The both repel and protect us from the bad stuff but are used differently. 

In my everyday cooking, I use these magic ingredients with their strengths in mind.  When I’m cooking a recipe that calls for sautéing garlic and onion, I always add the onion to the butter or oil first with the knowing that it promotes courage and absorbs negativity when digested.  I add garlic later as an energetic and immune shield.  I also use them in this order because onion takes longer to sweat and garlic burns easily.

The easiest way to use onion is to cut an onion in half and put in the corner of a room that has negativity.  If there was just an unpleasant guest, illness, or if a room feels heavy, the onion will absorb that unwanted energy.  Be sure to place it in a place where kids and animals cannot touch it as the Onion is absorbing all the yuck yuck.   Discard after at least one day and get it off your property as quickly as possible.  Under no circumstances should this onion be consumed as onion absorbs germs too!

I keep one garlic bulb in the kitchen for protection.  I never use this special garlic bulb because I don’t want to digest the negative energies that it absorbs.  Again, that would defeat the purpose.  Discard when you see it start to get old as that is a sign it is repelling bad stuff. 

Bonus Magical Ingredient #8:

The journey to becoming a Magical Kitchen Witch would be incomplete without highlighting you!  Your unique sensitivity, tastes, strengths, and ancestral background make you the most potent magical ingredient in the kitchen! 

With Reverence for our collective greatness, Gratitude for good food, and Appreciation for all our blessings I hope you enjoy this article.  I invite you to share this article with your loved ones and encourage you to join Mystic Family as we savor the Magic of Life!

Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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