Is it just me or is Mercury Retrograde the Astrological Black Sheep for all drama and bad luck?  Flat tire? Blame it on the Retrograde! Fight with your partner? It’s not your fault, the Mercury Retrograde did it!  Gained 5 pounds… You get the idea.  Mercury Retrograde gets blamed for everything!  But what if I told you there were practical ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde?

There’s good reason to be concerned about a Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury rules the intellect, the mind, communication, interpretation, perception, and reasoning.  When a planet stations Retrograde, it is a three-step process in which the planet moves backward through the zodiac.  Mercury Retrograde means these aspects are technically “moving backwards.”  But sometimes walking backwards is a good thing.  Like if you lose your keys, you have to backtrack to find them. 

Well I’m not going to sugarcoat the difficulty that losing your keys or going through a Mercury Retrograde can bring.  I hate it when I’m upset and someone tries to point out the silver lining- especially if I’m not ready to hear it.  But since Mercury Retrogrades are unavoidable, happening 3-4 times a year, I offer you some practical strategies to survive Mercury Retrograde. 

1.       Breath! Stop Expecting the Worst.

I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction.  I’ve seen firsthand how much my thoughts and attitude affects my life.  I’ve had moments in my life where everything on the outside looked great but my mind and heart were in turmoil.  I’ve also had times where everything on the outside looked horrible, but I had peace in my heart.  I’m not saying it’s easy but I’m saying you can make it much easier if you look at a Mercury Retrograde as a time of Reflection and Renewal vs. a time of Chaos and Anarchy.  To Survive Mercury Retrograde stop focusing on surviving and what is wrong and focus on what is right!

2.       Backup Technology

When was the last time you backed up your photos? You probably haven’t done this in a while.  Backup your phone and documents.  Update the software.  Just be prepared.  It’s like if you know a storm is coming, you have NO excuse for not getting supplies.  Get Supplies.  To Survive Mercury Retrograde, take care of your technology.  There are no excuses, if you know that communication media is compromised, back it up!!

3.       Bathe in Vaseline

Ever watch a boxing match?  Notice how the trainer smear loads of Vaseline on the boxer’s face?  Well they do this because everyone knows the boxers are going to get punched!  The Vaseline helps the punches glide off the boxer’s face.  Notice how the Vaseline doesn’t shield the Punches but it makes them less impactful.  Well, during a Mercury Retrograde you have to do the same thing: Let the punches slide off.  Metaphysically bathe in Vaseline.  You know the punches are coming, and now you know that you don’t have to take it so personal. 

4.       Say Sorry First

Conversely, if you find yourself throwing punches during this Mercury Retrograde Season, just bite the bullet and admit your wrongs quickly.  There’s not enough time to waste.  If you made a mistake, just admit to it and move on.  And if you’re human, you will be making a mistake.  So stay humble.  Life is too short!  Your Relationships will Survive Mercury Retrograde if you are not afraid to say sorry first!

5.       Find a Safe form of Expression

Use this as a time to backtrack your thoughts and ideas.  Journal (Privately) and get your thoughts on paper!  Reflect on what is changing in your life.  If you’re not much of a writer, draw it, or talk it out.  Be sure to be true to your communication style.  But make sure you’re clear before you share!  Mercury Retrogrades only last about 3 weeks, so use this time to get really clear on what you think!

6.       Nurture your Brain!

Is your mind growing or going?  What are you doing to challenge your brain?  Whether you love puzzles, reading, drawing, or whatever- do something that makes your brain grow! Now, if this sounds like torture, you might need rest.  Rest if fuel for the mind.  Rest contributes to growth too!  So whether you need to feed your brain, challenge your brain, or rest your brain, take care of your mind.

7.       If Unable to Survive Mercury Retrograde, Book a One-Way Ticket to Your Dream Destination. 

I know what you’re thinking. “I thought you said these were Practical tips?” Well I lied.  Just pick up and go. 

Just kidding.  But seriously, keep a sense of humor.  So for reals, Tip #7: Laugh! It’s good for you.

And Finally, Remember- Whether life is good, or life is bad- This too shall pass!  Speaking of passing, please pass this article along to your friends!  And if you need ideas on how to Slingshot Success after Mercury Retrograde, click here.  Please share, comment, and spread the word!

Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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