2019 Retrograde Dates
Retrogrades of 2019 www.MysticFamily.com

Retrogrades of 2019 www.MysticFamily.com

2019 Retrograde Dates and Zodiac signs!  This year includes 3 Mercury Retrograde cycles, Jupiter Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde, and Pluto Retrograde. Each Retrograde transit impacts us differently based on the Planet and Zodiac sign that is involved. Follow MysticFamily for more. Check out our website to download a printable “Quick Guide to the Stars” that includes retrograde meanings for all of he planets! Do you know the difference between Mercury Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde?  Do you know how Saturn Direct differs from Saturn Retrograde? Learn all about Retrogrades here on Mystic Family!  #Zodiac Sign

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