Neptune Retrograde 2018

Neptune Retrograde 2018
Neptune Retrograde

Neptune goes Retrograde June 18, 2018 until November 24, 2018. Neptune rules Pisces and illuminates the spiritual destiny and collective sub-consciousness.
When in Neptune is Retrograde people may exhibit escapist behavior and may struggle with emotional boundaries. Dreams intensify in a Neptune Retrograde.
Pisces, the Mutable, Water, last sign of the Zodiac, transcends boundaries. Neptune will be in Pisces from 2012 to 2025. This is an excellent time to connect with our intuition.

Since Neptune enters a new Zodiac Sign every 13 years, Neptune transits illustrate the spiritual destiny and cultural expression of the generation.  Neptune, the God of the Oceans, represents collective sub-consciousness.  Neptune rules Pisces and is in its’ detriment in Virgo.  Neptune in Cancer is exalted and is in its’ fall in Capricorn.  Neptune Retrograde occurs once a year for about 6 months.

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