About Mystic Family

Mystic Family is a collaborative Journey connecting with Nature, exploring Celestial Influences of the Lunar Cycles, Planetary Transitions, and riding the Seasons of the Year. “Mystic” describes the esoteric and spiritual topics of our content and products. We are all part of the human “Family” and this site is family and kid friendly, free of profanity.

Mystic Family is a shared space. Contributions and collaborations are welcomed and encouraged. The information and advice are designed to help us in our daily lives and homes. Going deeper than the occasional Mercury Retrograde, this site is intended to honor Nature’s Cycles in an inclusive way. Change is inevitable but by reconnecting to Nature, understanding the Zodiac implications in our Universe, and honoring our Ancestors we can access valuable insights to help navigate the Ups and Downs.

Nature’s Teachers such as the Moon, the Planets, the Seasons of the Year, Plants and Animals are key to spiritual connection.

Moon Messages: 

The Moon represents our emotional natures. It’s fluctuations through the Zodiac signs within the Lunar Cycle (from New to Waxing to Full to Waning to New) are fascinating. Here we honor the Moon sign as unique moments and a guidepost for upcoming.

Read the Stars: 

Mystic Family looks at the Planets’ journey through the Zodiac signs and Retrograde Patterns. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Yes-for purposes of Astrology we’re treating Pluto as a planet,) have deep meanings that are fun to explore. The Planets impact different areas of our lives and range in size, cycle duration, and meaning. While most everyone has heard of a Mercury Retrograde, we like to explore the implications of the other Planets’ Retrograde Cycles as well.

Magical Living: 

Just as the Earth transitions through the ever-changing seasons, Mystic Family explores the seasons in our daily lives. By Honoring our Ancestor’s Traditions and maintaining the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, Mystic Family explores the Magic of the Seasons in an inclusive way.

Plants and animals are natures most active messengers. Looking around and making ourselves available to hear the whispers of wildlife brings contentment.

Whether you dabble in Astrology or you’ve been a practicing Pagan for years, please join this open-minded, loving community.

About Mystic Family
About Mystic Family

About Mercedes

Tired of searching through dozens of websites and books for every Full Moon cycle or Sabbat, Mercedes founded Mystic Family. As an astrologer, researcher, and writer, she wanted to provide reliable information in an easy to use format on occult witchcraft, Moon magic, Wicca, Santeria and Magical living. The information is reliable, verified, and presented in such a way that allows the practitioner the autonomy to secure his or her own magical destiny.

Born into occult religion, Mercedes has been studying Astrology and practicing witchcraft for decades. She grew up with Santeria in a suburb of Denver that was predominantly Christian. In her school age years she struggled to balance her esoteric polytheistic upbringing with the monotheistic culture that surrounded her. Growing up in a home with tarot cards, crystals, “Guerreros” and “collares,” she unconventionally rebelled against her parents by converting to a non-denominational Christian.

In her college years she reconnected to her upbringing and reconciled the divide by embracing the gifts that both witchcraft and Christianity had given her. Her spiritual practice includes the Lord’s Prayer and spell craft with no fear of hell or damnation.

She worked for a decade in the mortgage and banking industry and left to work with her husband in construction. Becoming self-employed gave her the freedom to embark on a more authentic spiritual practice.
She was formally initiated into Ifa in 2015, the same year she became a mother. The spiritual transformation that occurred that year shook every part of her core. She completely left social media for a whole year and worked on her insides. She devoted herself to writing and connecting to her intuition. Reconciling with her past she let go, forgave, and became free.

When she is not immersed in studying or practicing magic, Mercedes enjoys her family. She loves playing with her daughter, laughing with her husband, cooking love infused food for her family, and manifesting her magical home. Most of her magic rituals center around making her home a sacred space by incorporating ingredients and intentions to seemingly everyday activities.

Although it’s unflattering to admit it, Mercedes tries to stay away from the TV because once she starts watching a show, she binge watches the whole season! During football season, Monday & Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons are reserved for deliciously homemade comfort food and cheering on her favorite teams. She feels most at home tending to her plants, snuggling with a book, or writing in her journal. When she’s feeling adventurous you can find her in heavily wooded nature trails or barefoot on the beach!

Secrets to a Magical Life

Mystic astrology is a topic that has interested people for thousands of years. Mystic Family helps spiritual seekers unlock secrets to a magical life! Because having a Mystic Life is more than just knowing your zodiac signs.  The Mystic Life is about adding magick to every aspect of our lives in order to make our dreams into a reality!  Everything in Mystic Family centers around Moon Messages, how to Read the Stars, and Magical Living.

Mystic Family is all about Magical Living!

We share articles, classes and images on astrology, nature-based magic, the Moon, Planetary transits through the Zodiac signs, the Wheel of the Year, Ifa, Santeria, Celtic tradition, and Greek & Roman Mythology to incorporate spirituality & magic into everyday life.

Join the fun & discover practical secrets to a magical life. 

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