Astrology Calendar February 2019 is all #RetrogradeFree.  With all planets direct, February includes a super moon, and Personal Planets Mercury, Venus, & Mars have a sign changes!  So just what does this mean and how can we use this to our advantage?

Astrology Calendar February 2019 for all Astrological Signs

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Astrology calendar february 2019 Retrograde Free Challenge
Retrograde Free Challenge
Astrology calendar february 2019 Venus in Capricorn
Venus in Capricorn

Venus Enters Capricorn – Sunday 2/3/2019 5:29PM EST

Venus transits to Capricorn February 2019.  Venus rules love, money, values, and aesthetic preferences. So when Venus enters Capricorn, love money and value takes on similar qualities.

Capricorn is very steady, reliable, and disciplined.  As a Cardinal and Earth sign, actions with this energy have structure and are task centered.

This energy is excellent for reliability and consistency in relationships.  Since Venus also rules money, ambition will be on the forefront.

New Moon in Aquarius – Monday 2/4/2019 4:04PM

Astrology calendar february 2019 New Moon in Aquarius
New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and traditionally ruled by Saturn, is innovative and humanitarian Zodiac Sign.  Astrology Calendar February 2019 says this is the most original new moon of the year.

This New Moon urges to try something new!  This is a great new moon for friendships but remember to expect the unexpected!  Try something you have never done before, preferably in a social setting.  Relationships created under an Aquarius New Moon will bring bright beginnings!

Chinese New Year – Tuesday 2/5/2019

The Chinese New Year is based on a lunar calendar.  Beginning the day after the new moon, 2019 is the Year of the Pig.  This Year’s element is Earth.  The Earth pig combines wealth and stability but warns of laziness!

Astrology calendar february 2019 Mercury in Pisces 2019
Mercury in Pisces 2019

Mercury enters Pisces – Sunday 2/10/2019 5:51AM

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign with strengths for intuition and creativity, but overly sensitive. Mercury rules communication and impacts how we process information.  Mercury transits in Pisces mean ideas will be fluid.

But Mercury is in its fall in Pisces, so information flow will be on an emotional plane rather than a rational one.  In this astrology calendar, Mercury in Pisces muddles intellectual endeavors. Guard for escapism, as Pisces’ Achilles heal is intoxication.

Don’t be surprised if thoughts and communication center around spirituality and dreams. Pisces also rules the 12th house of hidden, dreams, and the subconscious.

Moon Squares the Sun – Thursday 2/12/2019 5:26PM

In our Astrology Calendar February 2019, this waxing moon falls in the Earth & Fixed sign Taurus.  This is the time to grow fiscally. Taurus energy is extremely focused. Watch for stubbornness. Be especially focused on growing what you want, as waxing moons have multiplying effects. Moon and Sun Squares are stressful aspects.  Understanding why will help you use this energy for good.  For tips and tricks during Waxing Moons check out this article.

Mars Enters Taurus – Thursday 2/14/2019 5:51AM

Mars rules Action and Passion. But he is not in his strongest place in Earthy and Fixed Taurus.  In fact, when Mars transits into Taurus, he is in his fall.  In the traditional system, Mars rules Scorpio, Taurus’ opposite.

Taurus is Earth, putting out Mars’ fires.  Mars’ action and passion cannot express easily.  Taurus is also fixed.  This adds a stubborn element to Mars! (as if Mars’ needed rigidity!)

The good thing about this sign change is that it will bring stability to finances and work- assuming you don’t let yourself get stuck!

Astrology Calendar February 2019

Sun Enters Pisces – Monday 2/18/2019 6:04PM

Intuition is on high alert as the Sun moves into Pisces. As a Mutable Sign, Pisces represents the space between Winter and Spring.  As the Final sign in the Zodiac, Pisces represents the culmination and integration of the 11 preceding signs.  With the magnificent ability to internalize, Pisces is highly creative and intuitive.

Pisces is a Water sign ruled by the deep and emotional Neptune.  Pisces is dreamy, intense, and magical.  The best activities to focus on during Pisces season include meditation, creativity, and spiritual searching.

When the Sun is in a Mutable Sign, the New Moon, Full Moon, and Quarter Moons are also in Mutable Signs.

Full Moon in Virgo – Tuesday 2/19/2019 10:54AM

Want to know when is the Full Moon in February 2019? This is the 2nd of 3 Full Moons of 2019 that are Super Moons! The Sun and Moon are directly opposite in the Mutable Zodiac signs of Pisces and Virgo.  These Mutable signs movement and flow.  Virgo, ruled by Mercury is an analytical sign representing organization and practicality.  Pisces, ruled by Neptune, represents the subconscious.  Pay special attention to your health!  As Virgo rules digestion and Pisces rules the house of surgeries! The Full Moon in these signs represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between analyzing and feeling.  This Water and Earth celestial opposition stimulates critical organization and uninhibited inspiration.

Moon Squares the Sun – Tuesday 2/26/2019 6:28AM

This waning moon is in the Mutable and Fire Sign of Sagittarius. Waning moons are a time to release and let go. So don’t be surprised if big ideas go flying out the window.  Sagittarius rules idealism, travel, and loves freedom.  Just remember not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don’t let intense emotions run wild!  For help practical tools to navigate the square, check out this article.

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