August 2018 Astrological dates comes with a Uranus Retrograde, Mercury and Mars Direct, and a Solar Eclipse.  We are in the latter half of the Summer and the Harvest Season Begins!

Lammas ~ Lughnasadh – Wednesday 8/1/2018  

A feast of Bread and Harvest, Lammas is celebrated on August 1st.  This Sabbat occurs at the heart of the Summer season.  Commonly celebrated with grains and breads, Lammas is one of the first Harvest Festivals.  The Sun is bright and center as this festival occurs in the heart of Leo Season making the energetic frequency and weather hot! 

Moon Squares the Sun – Saturday 8/4/2018 2:18PM EST

This waning moon in the Earth and Fixed Sign of Taurus is a great time to put a practical end to that which no longer serves you.  Waning moons serve to release.  Moon and Sun Squares are stressful aspects.  For help practical tools to navigate the square, check out this article.  

Venus Enters Libra – Monday 8/6/2018 7:28PM

Venus moves into the Cardinal balanced Air sign of Libra.  Venus rules Libra, so this is a happy placement for the Planet of Love.  Libra brings a harmonious and beautiful outlook on Venus.  Venus impacts love and our values depending on the Zodiac sign that it is in. 

Uranus Stations Retrograde – Tuesday 8/7/2018 12:49PM

Uranus rules sudden, unorthodox, change.  Uranus goes retrograde once a year for about 5 months.  Uranus Retrograde will occur in Taurus and Aries.  Uranus is in its Fall in Taurus.  This could bring upheaval in areas related to financial systems and weather such as earthquakes.    

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Leo – Saturday 8/11/2018 5:58AM

This New Moon is special because this the final Solar Eclipse of a 3-part chapter!  Usually New Moons are an excellent time to begin new endeavors but this one feels more like an ending.  The moon will be in Leo, a Fixed & Fire sign.  This is an excellent time to wrap up projects and intentions revolving around your passions and children!

Mars Enters Capricorn– Sunday 8/12/2018 10:13PM

Power and action are focused and determined as Mars enters the steady and reliable sign of Capricorn. Mars rules passion, energy, and aggression.  Mars is Exalted in Capricorn which means that although Mars is Retrograde when this happens, Mars is in a favorable location.  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign symbolizing steady and disciplined change. 

Moon Squares the Sun – Saturday 8/18/2018 3:48AM

This waxing moon is in the Fixed and emotional Water sign Scorpio.  This is an excellent time to grow and proceed in projects but be careful!  Scorpio is fixed and obsessive and the Moon is not happy in Scorpio! 

Sun Enters Virgo – Thursday 8/23/2018 0:09AM

As a Mutable Sign, Virgo represents the end of the Summer Season and the beginning of Fall.  Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury.  Virgo is analytical and precise.

Mercury Stations Direct – Sunday 8/19/2018 0:25AM

Finally- Mercury is Direct!  Mercury goes Retrograde three times a year for three weeks.  The next Mercury Retrograde is not until December.  For ideas on what to do to Slingshot Success After a Mercury Retrograde, Click here!

Full Moon in Pisces – Sunday 8/26/2018 7:56AM

Full Moon in Pisces.  The Sun and moon are directly opposite in the Mutable Signs of Virgo and Pisces.  This Earth and Fire celestial opposition stimulates a battle between science and spirituality.

Mars Stations Direct – Sunday 8/26/2018 7:56AM

Mars Retrograde has Ended!  As mentioned before, Mars is in his “Happy Place” in Capricorn.  Consistency is key and the fruits of your efforts will come to fruition with discipline! 


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Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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