Full Moon Virgo 2019 Dates & Meanings. The 2nd of 3 Full Moons of 2019 that are Super Moons!

The Sun and Moon are directly opposite in the Mutable Zodiac signs of Pisces and Virgo.  Virgo, ruled by Mercury is analytical, representing organization and practicality.  Pisces, ruled by Neptune, represents the subconscious & intuition.  

This Full Moon is an opportunity to bridge the gap between analyzing and feeling.  This Water and Earth opposition stimulates critical organization and uninhibited inspiration.

Find out more about February 2019 Planet Transits and what to expect!  Also be sure to download your Moon Messages Year at a Glance to reference the energy and modality of New, Quarter, and Full Moons!

Full Moon in Virgo www.MysticFamily.com
Full Moon in Virgo www.MysticFamily.com

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