The Lunar Cycle is like a dance between the Sun and Moon on a Celestial dancefloor grounded by the Earth.  The dance has moments that glide with ease and others with tricky steps.  To avoid skipping a beat during the challenging parts of the Celestial dance, I take special precautions.  Following this metaphor, the New Moon would represent the beginning of a song.  In a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are at the Same Place in the Sky with a 0° difference in relation to the Earth.  Sextiles and Trines would be fluid steps in between.  Sextiles and Trines are respectively 60° and 120° angles that are favorable and easy on the planetary forces. Squares or the Quarter Moons, would be tricky moments that are challenging and form a harsh 90° angle. Sun and Moon Squares look like half-moons in the sky because they occur at the half-way points between New and Full Moons.  The Full Moon would be the big jump in the middle of the dance when the Sun and Moon form a 180° angle and directly face one another.  After the Full Moon, the dance comes to a close with a final Trine, Square, and Sextile before another New Moon- or a new song begins.

Moon Square Sun is looked at as a challenging aspect with tensions and conflicts.  Despite the bad reputation, by understanding the basic energy each Square aspect brings and maximizing it for my goals, I’ve enjoyed great success with the Waning and Waxing Square Moons.

Accept that Discomfort is Unavoidable:

I feel like some of the best things in life involve friction.  I mean, if tires never rubbed against the road we’d literally never get anywhere! Moon Square Sun gives us the discomfort that provides for necessary change.  Though it can hurt to grow, it’s necessary in life.  Without growing pains, we would all be single celled amebas.  It’s necessary to go from the stages of infant, toddler, child, etc.  If I try to resist this, I’m wasting valuable time!  After accepting that I’m not going to be comfortable or happy 100% of the time, I can move on and focus on what I can do!.

Go with the Lunar Flow:

The Moon is just like a wave, either growing or going.  The moon ebbs and flows on a set schedule.  The First Quarter Moons are Waxing, and the Last Quarter Moons are Waning.  Instead of fighting this by going against the moon’s direction, I go with the Lunar Flow.

Moon Cycle

Moon Cycle

When I know that the Moon is Waxing or growing, I focus my energy on that which I want to magnify.  Whether it’s a meditation, mantra, intention, or goal, I use this energy to grow and create more of what I want in my life.  I like to see a waxing moon as a type of spiritual growing pains.  My mind and heart are ever evolving and growing.  Even through it can be uncomfortable, I know that I will be better for it.  During the First Quarter Moons or Waxing Square, I look at the challenge as an opportunity to build the foundation of the life I want.

I do the same in Last Quarter Moons or the Waning Moon Square Sun- just in the opposite direction!  With the Waning moon I look at what I need to release or say goodbye too.  Whether I write down a list and burn it, or release flowers into the sea, I use the energy of the moon in my favor.  I like to look at Waning moons as a sort of “Spiritual Trash Day”.  If we never had a trash day, my house would be a mess.  (Who am I kidding, my house is often messy with a toddler, but without trash day it would be unlivable!)  I need to clear out the physical trash on a regular basis and the energetic trash as well. If I don’t release and let go on an energetic level, I risk becoming a spiritual or energetic hoarder.  For me this can look like holding onto anger, hurt, the past, or that which just isn’t for me.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to build when they should be clearing out or trying to clear out when they should be building.  The two are intertwined and unavoidable.  Letting go of what doesn’t work anymore makes room for next growing cycle.  By clearing away the path, I can later build on a clean slate and more sturdy foundation.

Remember that this Too Shall Pass:

The other important fact about Moon Square Sun that is often overlooked is that it is nestled gently between Sextiles and Trines.  As already discussed, Sextiles and Trines are easy flowing, harmonious alignments.  The number of easy aspects far outweighs the stressful ones.  When I’m feeling the discomfort of the Square, I must remember that feeling is temporary.

While Waxing, the Moon will Sextile the Sun before the First Quarter Moons Square and the Moon Trines the Sun after.  While Waning, the Moon will Trine the Sun before the Square and Sextile the Moon after.  The Sextile and Trine energy is important because these two positive aspects lessen the tension of the Square.  They show how Astrology and Lunar energies are working for us, not against us!  They remind us that if I don’t like how the stars are aligned, this too shall pass.

Be in the Modality, (And in the Moment)

Finally, the best kept secret about Quarter Moons is that they share the same modality as the Sun sign.  Knowing the modality at play and practically applying this energy in the day to day is one of the best ways I go with the lunar flow. Most people that know about the Zodiac know that every Sign has one of three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable.  The Modality of a Zodiac signs is the mode of action or how people under that sign tend to act.

Cardinal signs initiate the seasons.  Aries begins the Spring, Cancer begins the Summer, Libra kicks off Fall, and Capricorn starts Winter.   Cardinal energy is aggressive and people with cardinal signs tend to be movers and shakers!

Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  These signs are called fixed because they literally and figuratively don’t budge.  When the Sun is in these signs, it is very clear the Season of the Year.  These personality types are not known for flexibility! (I can say that- I’m a Scorpio Sun- lol!)

Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.  When the Sun is in these signs it is a time of rapid change.  The duality of the ending and beginning season shows up in the personality types.  These people tend to have a very distinctive light and dark side but are also more fluid during change.

If the Sun is in a fixed sign, the New Moon will be in the same fixed sign.  The Full Moon will be in Opposite sign.  The First Quarter Moons and Last Quarter Moons signs will also be in fixed.  When the Sun Sign is fixed, the fixed signs reign.  The same is true for when the Sun is in a cardinal sign or a mutable sign.  This transforms how we should look at seasons.  For example, instead of looking at Spring as Aries, Taurus, & Gemini, Look at Spring as Cardinal Spring, Fixed Spring, and Mutable Spring.  Live the modality of each sign throughout the Season!

Success with Quarter Moons:

The Modality of the Season (Initiate, Continue, Transition) and the Lunar Cycle (Expanding or Contracting) are guides on how to focus our energy.  They tell us when to start new projects of growth or start removing.  They help us keep focus, and they mark endings.

Keeping track of the Modality of the Season and the corresponding Squares can be tricky.  We’ve created the “Moon Messages Year at a Glance” as a quick, one-page Moon Reference for the entire year!  New Moons, Quarter Moons, and Full Moons are chronologically organized with the Modality and Lunar energy of each are on an easy to read, visual guide.

“Moon Messages Year at a Glance” is part of an upcoming class specific to each of the 24 Moon and Sun Squares.  If you would like this resource and want to find out more about the class, please complete the form to download your copy.  The guide is free, we just ask that you share about to anyone you feel this could help.

Love, Light & Reverence-

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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