Astrology Calendar January 2019 includes two eclipses, a Super Moon, and a very rare Retrograde Free timeframe!  Mercury makes two sign changes and Venus makes a sign change.

Astrology Calendar January 2019 for all Astrological Signs

Mercury Enters Capricorn – Friday 1/4/2019 10:40PM EST

astrology calendar january 2019
Mercury in Capricorn 2019

Mercury transits to Capricorn January 2019.  Capricorn promotes consistent, reliable, and disciplined change being a Cardinal and Earth sign.  This energy is excellent for building businesses and enterprises.  Use this energy to build the foundation of your 2019 goals. 

Mercury doesn’t just rule communication, but rather Mercury impacts how we process information.  Ideas will be grounded in a rational and ambitious perspective.

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Capricorn – Saturday 1/5/2019 8:28PM

astrology calendar january 2019
Capricorn New Moon Intentions

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn is a traditional, disciplined, and ambitious Zodiac Sign. Astrology Calendar January 2019 says this is the most grounded new moon of the year.

Usually New Moons are times to initiate, but being a Solar Eclipse, this energy is more reflective.  This New Moon urges us to finish!  Cut ties, purge, and complete tasks to set your 2019 in the right path!

Eclipses can make sensitive people tense. If you want some Eclipse Survival Tips check out this article.

#RetrogradeFreeChallenge Begins Uranus Stations Direct – Sunday 1/6/2019 3:27PM 

astrology calendar january 2019
1Uranus Direct 2019

2019 is off to a great start!  After January 5th, 2019, no major planets will be Retrograde!  This is huge!

This is a small, 58 day span where all personal and outer planets are direct.  

We’ve Created a 58 Day #RetrogradeFreeChallenge to help you capitalize on this energy.  If you have downloaded your Quick Guide to the Stars or Moon Messages Year at a Glance, You’re In! Be Sure to Follow Mystic Family in Social Media to Maximize this Retrograde Free Time!

To learn more about Uranus Retrograde, check out this article where we compare Uranus Retrograde to Mercury Retrograde.

Venus Enters Sagittarius – Monday 1/7/2019 6:18AM

When Venus transits into Sagittarius, she is in an uplifting Zodiac sign.  Venus rules love, money, values, and aesthetic preferences. In Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, there will be opportunities for abundance and adventure, and romance. The only downside to this Venus transit is that the change may not be grounded to provide a lasting impact. To counteract the fleeting nature of Venus in Sagittarius, try to ground your opportunities in a solid plan.

Moon Squares the Sun – Thursday 1/13/2019 1:46AM

In our Astrology Calendar January 2019, this waxing moon falls in the Cardinal & Fire sign Aries.  This is the time to grow physically.  Aries energy is extremely aggressive. Watch for a quick temper and forgive quickly. Be especially focused on growing what you want, as waxing moons have multiplying effects. Moon and Sun Squares are stressful aspects.  Understanding why will help you use this energy for good.  For tips and tricks during Waxing Moons check out this article.

Sun Enters Aquarius – Sunday 1/20/2019 4:00AM

astrology calendar january 2019
Aquarius Moons 2019

Within hours of a Solar Eclipse, the Sun moves into Aquarius.. As a Fixed Sign, Aquarius is grounded in Winter.  

Aquarius is an Air sign ruled by the great innovator Uranus.  Aquarius is unique, friendly, intelligent, and stubborn.  Plans initiated with Aquarius energy tend to be philanthropic in nature.  

When the Sun is in a Fixed Sign, the New Moon, Full Moon, and Quarter Moons are also in Fixed Signs.


Lunar Eclipse & Super Full Moon in Leo – Sunday 1/21/2019 12:16AM

Want to know when is the Full Moon in January 2019? The first 3 Full Moons of 2019 are Super Moons! But the very first Full Moon also happens to be a Solar Eclipse! The Sun and Moon are directly opposite in the Fixed Zodiac signs of Aquarius and Leo.  These Fixed signs bring a stubborn intensity.  Aquarius, ruled by Uranus is a social sign representing friendships and humanitarianism.  Leo, ruled by the Sun, represents the individual in his or her creative capacities.  Pay special attention to your relationship with yourself and others!  The Full Moon in these signs represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between the individual and the whole.  This Air and Fire celestial opposition stimulates a battle between thought and passion.  Full Moons bring an intense energy, but this one being an eclipse, a super moon, and in fixed signs, is bound to be unforgettable.

astrology calendar january 2019
Full Moon in Leo 2019

Mercury enters Aquarius – Wednesday 1/24/2019 12:49AM

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, meaning that while Mercury doesn’t rule this sign, this is very favorable placement. In this astrology calendar, Mercury transit brings an intellectual intensity and intelligence. Being an air sign, Aquarius is practically a more intense frequency of Mercurial energy. But as a Fixed sign, ideas under Aquarius energy are lasting. Aquarius rules scientific innovation and is deeply unique.

Don’t be surprised if thoughts and communication center around the greater good. Aquarius also rules the 11th house of Friendships & Philanthropy.

Moon Squares the Sun – Saturday 12/29/2018 4:34AM

This waning moon is in the Fixed and Water Sign of Scorpio.  Don’t be surprised if drastic change occurs.  Scorpio rules death, sex, and taxes. Just remember that to have a great 2019, certain parts of your life may need to go (or figuratively die). Be easy on yourself and remember life is too short to waste. If something needs to change, accept it sooner rather than later!  For help practical tools to navigate the square, check out this article.  

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