The April Full Moon in Libra 2019 is very special because it is the 2nd Libra Full Moon of the year. Having the Sun and Moon directly opposite in the Cardinal Zodiac signs of Aries and Libra twice in 28 days is a very rare opportunity to manifest! 

Cardinal signs initiate new chapters in our lives.  Aries, is an aggressive sign representing identity and individuality.  Its’ opposite, Libra, represents the balance in relationships.  

This is your second chance to connect with your sense of self! The Full Moon in these signs represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between your personal needs and the needs of others.  If you didn’t “get it” last time, now is your chance!

Ritual Supplies for Libra Full Moon Energy

(*Amazon Affiliate link won’t cost you a penny more but we make a commission that offsets the cost of running Mystic Family.  Even if you don’t get the items recommended, if you get anything using my link, Mystic Family is benefited.  Thanks for your support!)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: One of the most potent essential oils you can use is Eucalyptus. It acts as an energetic bleach- it clears everything! I’ve included a link to my favorite essential oils. The brand doesn’t matter, so long as it is pure!

Palo Santo: Libra is ruled by Air and Aries is ruled by Fire. I love how Palo Santo combines air and fire elements. Palo Santo provides a balanced and calming high-vibrational frequency. Use this to promote peace and creativity! I’ve included a link to the Palo Santo that I personally use because I like to buy in bulk and use often!

Find out more about the Moon

Find out more about April Astrological Dates and what to expect!   Also be sure to download your Moon Messages Year at a Glance to reference the energy and modality of New, Quarter, and Full Moons!

Full Moon in Libra #2
Full Moon in Libra #2

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