Mars in Gemini meanings & dates for 2019. Mars Enters Gemini March 2019. Mars rules Aries & Scorpio. Mars Astrology in Gemini brings energy to force. Mars Planet adds energetic force and action to the Zodiac Sign it is in. Mars fact: Mars God of War enters a new sign about every 60 days & takes almost two years to circle the Zodiac Signs. Mars Retrograde occurs every 26 months and lasts about 10 weeks. #ZodiacSigns#Magick

Mars rules Action and Passion. And in Mutable & Air Gemini, this energy is at a very high frequency!  When Mars transits Gemini, he brings an impulsive and fast changing passion.

Gemini is Air, fueling Mars’ fires.  Mars’ action and passion is easily excited.  Gemini is also Mutable.  This adds a topsy-turvy element to Mars! (as if Mars’ needed chaos!)

The good thing about this sign change is that it will bring a lot of energy and great ideas- assuming you can finish what you start!

Find out more about March 2019 Planet Transits and what to expect!  Also be sure to download your Quick Guide to the Stars to reference Retrogrades, Planetary Rulerships, and Energy Patterns to each Planet!

Mars in Gemini 2019
Mars in Gemini 2019

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