Mercury enters Aries April 2019.  Mercury rules how we think, interpret information, and form connections. When Mercury transits Aries, conversations are quick and direct!

Aries is bold, rash, and independent. As a Cardinal Fire sign, this energy moves at a high vibrational frequency. Aries promotes fast-paced connections. When Mercury enters Aries, actions have an intense outpouring of focus and determination.

Even though Mercury is in Aries, we’re still healing from the last Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is now in the post-shadow phase. Mercury is crossing the same path and making the same connections for the third and final time. Check out this article to help you slingshot success after Mercury Retrograde.

Ritual Supplies for Mercury in Aries Energy

(*Amazon Affiliate link won’t cost you a penny more but we make a commission that offsets the cost of running Mystic Family.  Even if you don’t get what I’ve recommended, if you get anything using my link, Mystic Family is benefited.  Thanks for your support!)

Palo Santo: Mercury is Air. Palo Santo combines air and fire elements. Unlike other herbs that are commonly burned, such as Sage that clear, Palo Santo provides a high-vibrational frequency. Use this to promote creativity! I’ve included a link to the Palo Santo that I personally use because I like to buy in bulk and use often!

Spell Candles: Aries is fire. Candles are a great way to incorporate the fire element to maximize on your. I’ve included a link to these specific candles because there are a bunch of colors, so you can use for multiple purposes. Also, these candles are smaller, so you can let them finish burning.

Find out more about the Stars

Find out more about April Astrological Dates and what to expect!   Download your Quick Guide to the Stars to reference Retrogrades, Planetary Rulerships, and Energy Patterns of the Zodiac signs in each Planet!

Mercury in Aries 2019
Mercury in Aries 2019

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