Mercury Transits 2019 continues with Mercury in Taurus. Mercury, planet of communication, is in Taurus for a month. This Fixed & Earth Zodiac Sign gives us the common sense communication! Mercury Enters Taurus May 2019 finishing the Post shadow cycle of the last Mercury Retrograde in 2019. Use the Earth energy of Taurus to think of realistic ideas. Follow Mystic Family for positive Pins that give secrets to a magical life! #ZodiacSigns

Mercury rules how we think, interpret information, and form connections. When the Planet of communication is in Taurus, conversations take on a down to earth tone!

Taurus is the pragmatic manager of the Zodiac. As a Fixed Earth sign, this energy moves at a reliable frequency. Ideas with Taurus energy have a stable feel.

Find out more about May Astrological Dates and what to expect!   Also be sure to download your Quick Guide to the Stars to reference Retrogrades, Planetary Rulerships, and Energy Patterns to each Planet!

Mercury in Taurus 2019
Mercury in Taurus 2019

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