Mercury transits into Virgo July 25th, 2017 at 7:41PM EST.  This transition brings important changes that are easily overlooked and ignored.  The ruler of mind, intellect, and communication, Mercury reigns over Gemini and Virgo.  The “chatty Kathy” energy of Mercury in Gemini literally sucks all the air out of the Zodiac room leaving Mercury in Virgo to be forgotten like the homely middle child.  Do not overlook this Powerful energy!  Used correctly, this can lay the groundwork for phenomenal changes to come.

Mercury is going to spend a lot of time in Virgo in the next months!  Like that family member that just won’t leave no matter how poorly you cook!  Typically, the busy bee planet of Mercury spends 20 or so days in each sign.  Get ready to spend the better portion of two months in Virgo because from July 25th 2017 to September 29th 2017 Mercury will reside in its Home sign of Virgo. We’ll get a week of Mercury in Leo for the first week of September but then it’s back home to Virgo.  Thanks to the Mercury retrograde from August 12th 2017 to September 5th 2017 we cannot escape Mercury in Virgo!

But fear not!  This is good- Retrograde and all- I promise! Use this Virgo drive to put your nose to the grindstone and accomplish that priority you’ve been avoiding.  Virgo focuses like a laser beam and Mercury is the busiest planet in the Solar System.  Combine the two energies and you have focused mental clarity that is unstoppable!  Use these next two weeks to build the foundation of your next big project.  The attention to detail provided by Virgo will make the foundation practical, sturdy, and maybe even color coordinated!

The number one thing you must do during the next months while Mercury is in Virgo, prior to, during, and post retrograde is to determine your number one priority.  What is that one goal that if accomplished, would bring you contentment?  What is that one area of your life, (or house), that needs order?  Is it your finances? Do you have clutter in your home? All the above? Well Pick One Thing!  Virgo doesn’t like to be all over the place.  Just be sure not to get too nitpicky.  While retrogrades have a bad reputation for bringing us backwards and Virgo is unrelenting in its pursuit of perfection, use the August 12th – September 5th Mercury Retrograde as a reflection point to review, reassess, and readjust.

This brings to mind Bill Belichick’s famous coaching motto: “Do Your Job.”  As head coach of the New England Patriots, Coach Belichick has brought his team to 5 Super Bowl victories by an uncompromising focus.  (Yes- it is possible to follow Astrology and football!)  Love or hate the Patriots, “Do Your Job” best describes Mercury and Virgo union.  Don’t try to completely re-organize your life with 20 major changes.  Pick one thing, and Do Your Job!

Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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