Pisces Moons 2019 Dates & Meanings! When the Sun is in Pisces, the full moon, new moon, & quarter moons will be in Mutable zodiac signs. Mutable Signs end the Season. Pisces means the end of Winter! 

The Moon impacts our emotional attitudes & conduct. The Lunar Cycle from New Moon, to Waxing Moon, to Full Moon, to the Waning Moon, swings our subconscious. Follow MysticFamily to learn more about the Moon!

Find out more about February 2019 Planet Transits and what to expect!  Also be sure to download your Moon Messages Year at a Glance to reference the energy and modality of New, Quarter, and Full Moons!

Pisces Moons 2018 www.mysticfamily.com
Pisces Moons 2018 www.mysticfamily.com


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