If you’re into Astrology, you are well aware that Mercury went Retrograde 8/12/17.  You may also be aware that it goes Direct 9/5/17.  Zodiac Nerds like me know that Mercury moves into Fixed Fire Leo August 31, 2017 and this brings big changes for the next few weeks because we’re dealing with a Retrograded Mercury in Leo! 

·        Retrograde- Planetary Deja-vu

Spending only a couple weeks in each sign and going Retrograde 3 times a year, Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system.  Mercury moving into the sign of Leo in and of itself may not be newsworthy, but shifting into this sign while Retrograde is huge! 

Remembering that Retrogrades are 3 step events moving forwards, backwards and then forwards again helps put this in perspective.  Mercury moved forward in Leo in the same 30°-mark back on 7/24/17.  It will move backwards over 30° Leo 8/31/17 and then after it stations direct on 9/5/17, it will revisit this same spot on 9/8/17.  

·        Mercury’s Kind of a Big Deal

Mercury represents intellect, communication, and the free flow of expression, ideas, and adaptation.  Also, Mercury is the only sign that has neither a Negative Polarity nor a Positive Polarity and is neither Feminine nor Masculine. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and expresses itself differently in each sign.  This lends itself to Mercury’s versatility and ability to adapt.  Mercury’s sign in your birth chart impacts how you communicate and perceive the world.  People with a well-positioned Mercury are great communicators, intelligent, and versatile.  If Mercury is not well positioned, it doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate or think, but rather, you may have to work harder in these areas.

·        Leo the Lion- Definitely a Big Deal!

Leo is fixed, masculine, positive fire.  Also, Leo is Ruled by the Sun.  The only Zodiac sign to be ruled by a Star, Leo’s are stars of the show.  They shine and triumphantly rise.  Don’t waste your time trying to argue with a Leo!  If you have a difference of opinion with these types, just present your side as neutrally as possible and let the Leo decide for his or herself.  Trying to push a Leo is futile and only strengthens their resolve.

·        Roar- A Lion as A Messenger

Mercury in Leo brings good and bad.  Our communication styles become bold, strong, confident, and at times arrogant.  Leo fixes the mind and lends itself to decisions that are arrived at more slowly and change less often.  As the ruler of the 5th house, Leo rules over creativity, children, hobbies, and pleasure, thereby lending itself to more passionate creative expression.  When Mercury is in Leo communication tends to be dynamic, inspired, determined, and of course, dramatic.  Leo rules the heart, so expect communication to be fiery and from the heart.

·        How to Avoid Poking the Tiger, (Or in this case, Lion)

The first thing that will assist you greatly in this transition is to reflect upon what your life was like when Mercury was first in the Leo 30°-mark back on 7/24/17.  What happened that day?  If it helps jog your memory, it was a Monday.  Was it a good day for you?  Did anything significant happen?  If nothing specifically occurred, what was going on in a general sense?  You can look at 3rd House communication & intellect or 5th House creativity, children & pleasure.  If any of these areas of your life stand out, take notice.

Next pay attention to the now.  What does it look like now that Mercury is moving backwards over 30° Leo again on 8/31/17?  What does your day look like?  Do you find yourself facing the same situation? Are there re-occurring themes?  When something keeps popping up it’s an opportunity to figure it out and get it right. 

Finally, pay special attention to Friday, 9/8/17.  Hopefully you will find an underlying theme that has changed for the better through the three stages of the Retrograde.  Remember, Retrogrades are moments to review!  Take advantage of this information to maximize your results and transcend your difficulties.

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