Saturn Retrograde 2019 falls in conservative and pragmatic Capricorn. This means that this Saturn Retrograde is all about doing less with more and discipline.

You see, Saturn rules career, tradition, and reputation. Saturn’s placement in your chart signifies the responsibilities we must face in life.  Saturn strengthens our character by highlighting where we must practice patience & persistence, regardless of struggle & limitation.  Saturn’s lessons provide fruitful and long-lasting outcomes.  And to add to the complexity of this Saturn Retrograde, Saturn rules Capricorn. 

Saturn Retrograde meanings revolve around themes of discipline, structure, and consideration traditional structures.  Tips to Surviving Saturn Retrograde include persistence. Focus on completing unfinished projects with family or work.  

What not to do during a Saturn Retrograde includes being rash, lacking prudence, or attempting to get away with shortcuts in important endeavors. There is no “get rich quick” when Saturn is Retrograde!

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Saturn Retrograde 2019
Saturn Retrograde 2019

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