Saturn, the ruler of Discipline, Authority, Caution, and Restraint, went Direct!  Many people may not have even known that Saturn was retrograde.  So just what does Saturn Direct mean?  Why does it matter?  Why should I pay attention?  First, let’s discuss what Saturn represents, why Saturn is important, review its retrograde pattern, and figure out what it looks like in our daily lives.

  • What’s Saturn all About Anyway?

I must be frank, Saturn used to be my least favorite planet.  I saw Saturn as a mean, dogmatic disciplinarian, limiting my dreams and desires and imposing structure.  I thought Saturn represented rigid adherence to archaic traditions. I didn’t understand why anyone would be excited about anything having to do with Saturn because I didn’t like what I thought it represented.  I preferred to look at the other planets: the big and bold Jupiter, the dreamy Neptune, the courageous and passionate Mars, the sexy seductress Venus, the intellectual Mercury, even the transformative Pluto or the un-conforming Uranus, before studying about Saturn. 

Let’s face it, Saturn, with all its discipline and structure- is not Sexy!  But After learning about Saturn I realize that this Cautious energy doesn’t necessarily limit all the good, Rather, it insists that foundations and structures be upright with integrity before growing.  Saturn is like brushing your teeth.  Brushing your teeth is not sexy or fun, but it’s necessary to avoid cavities, tooth decay, and really bad stuff.  While I may not jump for joy at the thought of brushing my teeth, I brush them!

Saturn rules the feminine, negative, cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn and corresponds to the 10th house of status and work.  It’s no mistake that Saturn rules an earth sign because earth signs are very practical.  People with a lot of earth in their chart are realist with their feet firmly placed on the ground.  The Cardinal aspect of Capricorn lends itself to creating and forming structures.  The negative polarity and feminine leaning signify an inner strength of passive, steady, endurance.  No wonder Saturn corresponds to 10th housed Capricorn!

  • What’s the Big Deal About Saturn?

I had to completely change how I looked at Saturn.  Instead of looking at discipline as something that was imposed upon me, I looked at it as a skill that when mastered, allowed me to accomplish ANYTHING!  Saturn doesn’t just represent limitation, it represents sustainable, structured growth. Saturn energy doesn’t say, “don’t build a house,” rather it insists that if you are going to build the foundation must be sturdy!  If I don’t have plans to a house but I gather materials and “wing it,” I’m wasting valuable time and energy.  Saturn might make me slow down and ensure a firm integrity in my house, but It will be a house worth building because it was built right! 

Bottom Line: Do you want tooth decay? If the Answer is No, then Saturn Matters! 😊(I went back to the teeth metaphor)

  • Retro-What?

Retrogrades are cool.  I love studying when the planets go retrograde and what it means.  When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards.  Most people don’t know this but there are 3 phases to a retrograde cycle.  First, the planet moves forward. Second the planet moves backward.  Third, the planet moves forward again, thereby traveling in the same space three times.  Like a DJ scratching a record or a dance step, (forward, back, and forward again), this cycle awakens different aspects of our lives based on what this planet represents and where the planet lives in our birth chart.  

  • What’s so Special about Saturn Retrograde?

As an outer planet, Saturn moves excruciatingly slowly!  Taking almost 30 years to circle the Zodiac, Saturn spends almost two and a half years in each sign!  Saturn goes retrograde once a year for about 140 days, or almost 40% of the year.  Saturn Retrograde is like a turtle that moves painfully slow and then turns 180° backtracks only to turn around again to go forward again after undoing most of his initial progress.  If you’re over 30, you can examine Saturn’s personal influence in each sign by looking at a 30-year cross-section of your life in 2.5-year increments.

Some experts say that it’s not as impactful when the outer planets move retrograde because since they spend so much time moving backwards it’s hard to notice a difference.  While I understand their reasoning, I believe that outer planet retrograde transits are more important because we spend so much time under their influence.  I believe that the more we understand the planet functionalities, the more we can understand that which, in Saturn’s case, is influencing us for 5 months out of the year!

On a large scale, when Saturn is Retrograde, notice what happens to authorities, governments, organizations or institutions.  Pay attention to see if hierarchal structures transform, alter, or completely falter.  Is there an abuse of status or power? 

On a personal level, look at your work, profession, and status.  What does your work or professional situation look like?  Are you finding it hard to be heard in the workplace?  Do you suffer from ambiguity about your professional future?    Do you notice that the rewards and fruits of your labor are delayed?   If you want to learn more about other Retrograde Planets, 

  • How do I Survive a Saturn Retrograde?

Sorry, but the solution to successfully navigating a Saturn Retrograde pattern is to practice patience & re-examine the foundations of authority status, and work, in your live.  That’s all.  Super easy, right? So, let’s be happy Saturn is Direct! But if you want to learn more about Retrograde Planets, check out our Retrograde Planet Survival Guide.   😊

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Love Light and Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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