Since the Great American Eclipse of 2017, Americans have been looking at celestial events for deeper meaning and understanding.  It’s no surprise that with the upcoming Full Moon on January 31, 2018 that also happens to be a Super Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, we are taking note. 

While I usually celebrate these astral events and make a big deal of them, it may surprise you to hear that I’m staying home and taking it easy.  Although I’m going outside to take a peak, I’m playing it safe and sticking close to home. 

So what’s the big deal?  Well, the energetic implications of are off the charts and this event is exceptionally rare.  I want to be receptive and prepared.  I’ve picked apart what makes this lunar event special, the zodiac implications, and explained how to handle this energetic whirlwind.  Read why this moon is so special and why I recommend you take it easy too. 

  • Full Moons:

Full moons in general are a time of heightened energy.  Accidents, hemorrhages, emotions, and even ocean tides intensify with the lunar gravitational pull.  Astrologically speaking, Full Moons represent an opposition between the Moon and the Sun.  The light of the Moon is a direct reflection from the Sun’s rays.  Metaphysically this highlights tension and creates a face off-of these two astral influences.  The Sun representing the individual as outwardly expressed and the Moon representing the deep-seated inner emotions sets the stage.  The Sun is light, indistinguishable, and clearly visible, while the Moon is dark, subtle, and more deeply rooted. 

  • Super Moons:

Super moons are a scientific phenomena called a “perigee-syzygy” that signify a full or new moon in which the moon is closest to the Earth.  The proximity causes the moon to look big or “super.” But Super moons don’t just look bigger, they have a bigger impact too.  Super Moons have been proven to increase tides and have even been linked to weather related natural disasters.  While there is not proof that they induce natural disasters, they are linked to increased movement in tectonic plates.  

This intense lunar gravitational pull has emotional implications too.  As Diane Ahlquist beautifully writes in Moon Magic, “The unparalleled nighttime illumination of a Supermoon is also said to offer enlightenment regarding unrealized aspects of our souls and provide access and insights into unexplored emotions and alternative life paths.”

  • Blue Moons:

In the rare event that two full moons occur in a single month, we have a Blue Moon.  Occurring about every 2.5 years or 32 months, Blue Moons are an extra “bonus moon” and a sign to focus and pay attention.  It’s not often we get an opportunity to celebrate two full moons in the same signs so naturally it’s a call to take notice. 

  • Blood Moons:

Is it possible that have a moon that is both blue and red?  In this rare event the Moon is both Blue (as in rare) and Red (As in a total Lunar Eclipse).  The name Blood Moon or Red Moon describes the reddish hue that appears on the Moon from the earth’s atmosphere.  Many ancient societies saw this as an apocalyptic omen signifying a battle of good and evil.  Although today we have a scientific understanding of the crimson color of the moon, one cannot ignore just how limited and fragile our humanity really is. 

  • Leo vs. Aquarius: Opposites Attract

The Full Moon will be in the sign of Leo while the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius.  Full moons in the sign of Leo tell me to look inwardly because the first 6 signs of the zodiac reflect the inward evolution.  Leo ruled by the sun is the only sign ruled by a star.  Naturally Leo loves to be the star of the show.  Aquarius being one of the last 6 signs of the zodiac represents the external.  Ruled by revolutionary and nonconforming Uranus, Aquarians cannot be put into a box! 

It is almost as though these celestial bodies are opposite of where they traditionally like to be.  Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs but Leo is a fire/passion sign while Aquarius is an air/intellectual sign.  Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs meaning that they are on opposite ends of the zodiac at 180 degrees and they are complimentary in nature.  Both signs are known for their unique individuality but Leo is about personal creativity while Aquarius represents social independence. 

The moon in Leo is a call for personal reflection based not so much on exterior praise but rather inward reflection.  Leo is a passionate sign and this is a call to follow your passion and creativity.  As an intense sign, a Leo Moon can be a time of high emotions or as Kim Rogers-Gallagher writes in Llewellyn’s 2018 Daily Planetary Guide, “drama with a capital D.”  With emotions already on high tensions with the aforementioned lunar influences this is a time to take it as easy as possible!

  • How to survive this event:

While those scientifically inclined may see this Super, Blue, Full, Blood Moon as an inevitable probability I believe that this special, rare, and extremely significant.  I don’t see a divide between science and metaphysics because I believe they are different understandings of behaviors and events that are inextricably linked. 

Although I plan on celebrating this event I know the energies are heightened and frazzled.  This Super, Blue, Blood Moon is like a diamond in a room with bedazzled wallpaper and glittering neon lights- bright, unmistakable, and over-the-top!  I’m too sensitive and easily overstimulated. 

Rather than be out and about, I plan on spending time taking it easy both alone and with my family.  Alone I look forward to introspection via writing, hobbies, and meditation (Leo and hobbies go hand and hand).  With the family I plan on enjoying comfort food, commiserating, and sharing (Aquarius likes social sharing).

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With Love, Light & Reverence-


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