Taurus Moons 2019! The Taurus Sun is Spring is cemented. Taurus is an Earth sign. Venus rules Tarus. As the goddess of love, Venus is seductive, beautiful, and artistic.  So Taurus season is a time for self care.

Taurus Moons 2019 brings a season of strong Taurus energy. As the second sign in the Zodiac, Taurus represents security and resources.  This means an emphasis on tangible assets and physical forms.

Taurus has the force and energy to create firm foundations and is unrelentingly firm. And, as a Fixed Sign, Taurus stabilizes.  Fixed signs are consistent, reliable, and head-strong.

Ritual Supplies for Taurus Moon Energy

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Rose Water: Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is all about beauty. So I use Rose Water to promote love. I’ve included a link to the one that I use. I sometimes mix a tiny bit in my cleaning supplies to promote a happy marriage, or sprinkle on the front door or bedroom to promote love.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: I love diffusing essential oils. I use the different properties to magnify my intentions. Ylang Ylang is fantastic for promoting love and peace. I’ve included a link to my favorite essential oils, but the brand doesn’t matter, so long as it’s pure!

Find out more about the Moon

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Taurus Moons 2019 www.MysticFamily.com
Taurus Moons 2019 www.MysticFamily.com

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