Venus enters Aries 2019! Venus rules love, money, values, and aesthetic preferences. So when Venus enters Aries, love, money and what we value, take on similar qualities.

But Aries is in his fall under Venus. The excess of estrogen shrinks his… well you know what! So expect a little volatility in the areas of love, money, and values.

This energy is very passionate so expect calm heads to prevail when Venus enters Aries in 2019.

Ritual Supply Ideas for Venus in Aries Energy

To capitalize on this energy, consider using the following magic supplies:

(*Amazon Affiliate links won’t cost you a penny more but we make a commission that offsets the cost of running Mystic Family.  Even if you don’t get what I’ve recommended, if you get anything using my link, Mystic Family is benefited.  Thanks for your support!)

Spell Candles: Aries is fire. Candles are a great way to incorporate the fire element to maximize on your intentions. I’ve included a link to these specific candles because there are a bunch of colors, so you can use for multiple purposes. Also, these candles are smaller, so you can let them finish burning.

Rose Water: If there is too much fire energy, try using Rose Water. This will help calm hot energy and promote love. I’ve included a link to the one that I use. I sometimes mix a tiny bit in my cleaning supplies to promote a happy marriage, or sprinkle on the front door or bedroom to promote love.

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Venus in Aries 2019
Venus in Aries 2019

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