From July 31st, 2017 to August 24th 2017 Venus will glide through Cancer.  What does this mean and how do I navigate this change?  Well pay attention!

The cross between these two strong and different feminine archetypes is exciting.  The lover of beauty and the emotional mother will be converging into an abundance of estrogen that will bring harmony and pleasure to the home.  I expect to gain a few love pounds because the domestic and maternal Cancer energy will not allow those I love to go hungry. 

I plan on using this energy to enjoy my home and loved ones.  I expect some touchy times with Cancer’s sensitivity, but I feel that Cancer’s cardinal energy reminds me to take the action necessary to work through my sensitivities.  I hope I can remember that the changes I seek in my home and closest relationships must begin from the inside out and not vise-versa.  Instead of expecting others to change or suddenly understand me, I’m going to have to reach out and do the leg work to nurture my relationships.  I hope that I can always remember that “You have to take the Good with the Bad.” The unconditional love my family provides is not without its moments in which I desire to pull my hair out.  If family doesn’t drive you crazy, you’re not close enough!  The truth is that my home is perfect because it is imperfect.  I fully intend on keeping it that way- Perfect for me.   

To avoid the emotional intensity that Cancer can bring I also insist on carving out some time for self-care.  As a mom it’s easy to feel guilty when I take alone time for myself- but not while Venus is in Cancer! Self-care is not selfish!  Even a dollar face mask or new nail polish color can be a tribute to this planetary influence.  For those less inclined to use beauty products, this self-care can also take the form of surrounding yourself in a beautiful environment or taking care of your health. 

My intentions for Venus in Cancer are also to beautify my home, both aesthetically and energetically.  I enjoy using this energy to envision how I want my home to look like both personally and as a family.  My home is my safe place- my fortress.  With as much time as I spend here, it’s important that I’m surrounded with love, joy, and things that make me happy or serve a functional purpose! With security and love in mind, I intend on leaning into the emotional vulnerability that Cancer has to offer- the depths of my heart that my family deserves!

Remember that there is no such thing as a Happy Life, only Happy Moments! When I hurt deeply it’s because I can love even deeper.  Now that you know what to expect and have ideas on what to do, Enjoy Venus in Cancer!  If it’s too much estrogen for you, fear not.  Venus moves into Leo August 25th, 2017.

Love, Light & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

Photo Cred: Seth Doyle

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