The Venus Retrograde effects are intense. Often times when hearing about an upcoming Venus Retrograde, friends will remark on how an ex is coming back into the picture.  Others will remark on how the money will be spent foolishly.  But what if I told you that the Venus Retrograde effects have more to do with the Values beneath the surface, than the outward Sex, Money & Rock & Roll?

Venus Retrograde Meaning & Brief Overview

“Retrograde” is defined as “moving backwards” or “going back to a worse condition.”  These retrograde planets appear to be moving backwards in orbit. Though this sounds bad, planets go Retrograde all the time.  Many people complain about the infamous “Mercury Retrograde” but Retrograde cycles serve a purpose if you know what you are looking for.  

To Learn More about retrograde cycles, the stages of each cycle, and a general overview of all each planet’s retrograde click here.  This article focuses specifically on Venus Retrograde effects and tips. 

Venus Retrograde 2018

Venus Retrograde 2018

What and When is Venus Retrograde?

Want to know when Venus Retrograde is? Venus Transits Retrograde every 18 months for about 40 days.  Of all the planets, Venus goes retrograde the least often!  Venus enters a new Zodiac Sign every 30 days to 2 months depending on its’ direction and takes about 225 days to travel through all 12 Zodiac Signs. Venus Retrograde 2018 is in Scorpio.

Venus’ Energy & Effects- beneath the Sex, Money, & Rock & Roll

First, let’s talk about the Venus’ energy and let’s get serious.  People often link Venus retrograde effects with the love life. But Venus’ energy is about so much more than sex (love), money (values), and rock and roll, (art).  

The Roman goddess of beauty, Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun.  Although attributed to love her planet is of the most inhospitable and full of sulfuric acid.  Quite fitting when you know more about what she represents.

It’s always bothered me that Venus rules both Zodiac signs Taurus and Libra because these two signs are so different.  Taurus is a fixed earth sign known for being stubborn but quite practical.  Libra is a cardinal air sign that thrives on balance and diplomacy.  But the reason these two incompatible signs are both ruled by Venus is that they both reflect on the complex duality and extremes that Venus represents in our lives.  

In her Earthy Taurus expression, Venus symbolizes carnal sex, money, and comfort.  This in the extreme, is the seductive, obsessive, pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent Venus.  In her Airy Libra context, Venus symbolizes social grace, values, and art. This in the extreme, is the classy, almost aristocratic, societal rule following Venus.

Knowing these two sides of the Venetian coin is essential to navigate Venus Retrograde. with earthy realism and airy distinction.  In both archetypes, she represents love money and values- just in opposite extremes.

For more on how Venus came to represent these two extremes, I highly encourage you to get the book, Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape, Erin Sullivan.  This book details the mythology behind each extreme.  

Venus Retrograde Tips for Surviving

Again, Retrograde cycles are a time for review.  Venus Retrograde meanings are all individual but generally, this is what comes up.   

1.  Venus Retrograde Love-Sex

During Venus Retrograde love is a tricky subject. Often, it’s time to reevaluate or reinvigorate romantic relationships.  This may mean that occasionally an ex will cross paths if there are lessons left to be learned.  But in 2018 with Venus in Scorpio, motives behind sex and love are piercingly deep.  This is more about how we love and value ourselves, rather than another individual.  

Remember, Scorpio is a fixed, deep water sign.  Although very intuitive, Scorpio can be possessive.  What’s more, Venus is afflicted in Scorpio, making this increasingly critical.  Scorpios make the best detectives because they are always going to the root cause and conditions.  Look to this Venus Retrograde period as a time of intensive self-analysis.

Finally, be sure to be up on any Obgyn visits as Scorpio rules the genitals.  This is a time to value sexual health.

2.  Money-Values

Along with a deep analysis of our self-love, this Venus retrograde symbolizes a need to go beyond money and focus on our values.  Considering Venus Retrograde effects, we need to focus on: What are our most prized possessions?  When spending money, what do we prioritize?  Are we putting first things first?  

What we spend our money on is a bigger reflection of who we are and what we value than most realize.  One of the huge Venus Retrograde tips is to take an honest assessment of what we value.  If we find this problematic, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is the perfect time to dive deep into the belief systems holding us back.

3.  Rock & Roll-Artistic Expression

Venus rules art & aesthetics and thus Venus Retrograde effects on our artistic sensibilities too.  The Taurus-earth application is drawing, sculpting, painting and the Libra-air application includes writing, music and poetry.  This is a great time to go inward and release emotional baggage through art.  While I wouldn’t necessarily share these expressions until after the Venus retrograde, this will serve as a personal release.   

Scorpio can be a very secretive sign.  But it’s only because still waters run deep.  It is important to safely and appropriately release what comes up.  It will provide us direction towards healing if done with care.

What next?

Retrograde cycles and planetary transits are not independent of one another.  The planets are interconnected and must be woven together to find meaning.   Knowing this we’ve created our “Quick Guide to the Stars.”  This is a one-page reference that tells you the basics on all the retrograde cycles, planetary energies, and lists the zodiac signs most favorable & unfavorable for each.  

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