The time to use the Virgo energy is upon us!  While Autumn is less than a week away and the Sun will soon be in Libra, we are by no means done with Virgo.  Just like a fireworks show that saves the best for the grand finale, Virgo is packing a punch for the end of her season. 

The Sun has been in Virgo since August 22nd and Mars has been in Virgo since September 5th.  Venus moves into Virgo on September 19th, 2017 and we have a New Moon in Virgo the following day-September 20th!  To avoid getting caught off guard here’s what you need to know about Virgo in the Sun, Moon, Mars, & Venus!

Virgo Sun

The Sun sign is the first thing to look at when analyzing a horoscope.  The placement of the sun represents our will and how we interpret the world.  The Sun shines on our consciousness and represents where we will develop and grow.  Our creative drives are also heavily impacted by the Sun.

Virgo is the task master of the Zodiac.  If you have a project that involves details and laser precision, call a Virgo!  Known for being of service, Virgos are perfectionist!  Virgo is practical and pragmatic because it is an earth sign.  Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is intellectual and analytical.  As a Mutable sign, Virgo is adaptable and resourceful.

Even if you are not born a Virgo, when the Sun is in Virgo, it awakens these areas in your chart and life.  It is no coincidence that the Virgo season coincides with “back to School” time.  Every year from about August 22nd to September 22nd the Sun is in Virgo.  Have you ever felt a deep desire to clean or organize right before fall?  It’s as if the transition of the seasons and the cold to come move us indoors both physically and intellectually.  With one foot still in Summer and the other one stepping into Fall, this is a time to end the projects of the past and initiate new ones.

Virgo Moon

The placement of the Moon impacts our emotional natures, attitudes, and outlook.  Pay close attention to wherever the Moon falls in your chart because this placement represents deep needs that we must address to achieve happiness in our lifetime.  The Moon represents the subconscious rhythms that direct our instinctive natures and receptive capacities.

The Moon in Virgo is a good time to apply critical detail to painstaking tasks.  Whether it’s cleaning the home or an intellectual endeavor, this is the time to serve and work.  New Moons are especially fertile times to initiate new projects.  The New Moon in Virgo is an excellent opportunity to start new projects in the areas of problem solving, diet, service and occupation.  The Moon moves into Virgo Monday September 18th, 2017.  The New Moon falls on September 20th at 1:30AM EST and transitions to Libra a few hours later at 6:06AM.

Virgo Mars

Mars represents action, passion, desire and impulse.  The placement of Mars in your chart and the sky affect our modes of ambition.  On the extreme it can move to danger and violence.  When well aspected, Mars serves as the impetus for action and movement. 

Mars in Virgo fuels energy to focus on details with precision.  The energy of Mars is channeled into areas of work and health under the influence of Virgo.  With the New Moon in Virgo, this is an excellent time to start moving in the areas of exercise, service, physical health and occupation.  Mars moved into Virgo August 22nd, 2017 and moves into Libra October 22nd, 2017.

Virgo Venus

The placement of Venus impacts love and our ability to get along with others.  Our powers of persuasion, attraction, and influence are affected by Venus.  Venus represents love, harmony, art, and peace.  While most think that Venus only rules our romantic relationships or marriage, she influences our friendships as well.  Venus wants pleasure, beauty, affection, and sociability. 

Venus is not happy in Virgo.  Virgo is the sign of Venus’ Fall.  When a planet is in the sign of its fall it means that it is in the opposite sign of exaltation.  Since Pisces is the Opposite sign to Virgo, and Pisces is the sign of Venus exaltation, Venus in Virgo is not a comfortable place for this planet.  Don’t be surprised if you encounter struggles in areas of love and romance because Venus in this position lends itself to being overly critical.  Try not to be a nag to your loved ones and know that Venus will move to her home sign of Libra by October 14th, 2017.

Virgo, like any other sign in the Zodiac has her strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing her influence on the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus will help you to be ready for what is to come and make the most out of it. 

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