Knowing what to do during a waxing moon phase has been critical to manifesting the life of my dreams. But during a waxing moon, there are certain things you should Not do.  Do you know what they are?


waxing moon phase

Moon Cycle

The moon cycles every 28 days from New to Full to New again.  The phases of the Lunar Cycle listed in order consists of New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent until we have a new, New Moon.

The period between New and Full represents growth while the moon is waxing or growing.  During the waxing moon phase, the gravitational pull and angle with the sun transitions to reflect more and more light each day.

The period between Full and New is called waning or disseminating.  When the moon is waning, the night sky is getting darker and darker as less light reflects on the moon.

Waxing Moon Phase No No #1:

DON’T Start a Restrictive Diet, but DO Start an Exercise Regimen

Make no mistake- I’m not saying that you should eat cookie dough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  I’m just saying that isn’t the time for limitations and constraints.  Obviously, consult your medical professional and always follow their instructions.  I’m just encouraging to align your timing with the moon’s energy.

The waxing moon intention should be on gaining health, increasing strength, and growing healthy habits.  Try to expand your workout routine, or increasing your daily number of steps.  This is a great time to learn new recipes (healthy ones if you’re trying to lose weight.)  

Since the moon is growing this is literally a time for expansion and progression.  I like focusing on promoting healing with healthy foods, exercises, and habits I can add to my life.

So, when should you diet?  Never… Just kidding.  I recommend starting diets while the moon is waning because the lunar energy is conducive to constricting and reducing but again, consult your doctor.

No No #2:  DON’T Wax, but DO Cut hair to encourage Growth

You heard me right.  The waxing moon says that don’t wax, shave, or pluck in a first quarter moon (if you can get away with it).  Hair grows faster during a waning moon.  It is as through the growth of the moon is acting as a magnet to grow hair.  Sounds crazy? Well check out the farmer’s almanac for the best days to cut hair to slow growth.  You will quickly notice that they correspond with the Waning moon- not the Waxing moon.

The waxing moon phase is very clearly the best time to cut to encourage growth. This applies to plants, hair, nails etc.  Waxing moon phase is a great time to trim nails to promote healthy growth. I recommend creating waxing moon rituals of self-care such as, facemasks, pedicures, and bubble baths! We can always use more self-care!

I don’t know about you, but I want hair on my head, not on my legs.  So, if you are so suited that you can wear long pants for a few days, shave, wax and pluck during the waning moon instead.  When I can I get on a three-week waning moon calendar rotation I notice I need to shave my legs less because I have less hair.

No No #3:  DON’T Shop, but DO Plan, Organize, & Execute

Ever go to the store for a few items and come back home with a bunch of stuff you really don’t need?  Well, you may not be entirely to blame.  I mean, you’re definitely at fault, but during the waxing moon phase, the force of the growing moon can aide in your already poor decision-making abilities.  

As the moon is increasing in size, the energy lends itself to a “more, more, more” mentality.  Waxing moon energy can make it difficult to resist the tempting “stuff” that is nice, or pretty, or “a good deal” but not actually necessary.  I try to avoid boredom shopping during this time of the lunar cycle because consumerism and materialism are intensified. I recommend creating waxing moon rituals of organization and tidying!

If I really want to go out and get stuff, I might make a list and wait for a New Moon before I purchase anything.  I notice that I end up getting less stuff but I’m overall more satisfied with my purchases.

No No #4:  DON’T even think about what makes you mad, but DO Focus on your loved ones

I know, I know… Tell me not to think about a purple elephant and I’ll visualize 10!  But in all seriousness and according to waxing moon astrology, now is the time to focus on what you want and who you love- not who you want to punch in the face.  

I know sometimes we can love people and be really mad at them but it is so important to focus on the positive and how we want our challenging relationships to look like, rather than what we don’t like.

The waxing moon phase is not the time to focus on what upsets your because the as the moon grows our magnetic minds pull our thoughts closer and closer.  The compounding force of the waxing moon is too powerful to waste on people and situations that don’t deserve space in your heart and mind.

I like to use this time to focus on what I’m doing right now and how I can do better. This is crucial because “energy flows where attention goes” (James Redfield).  My waxing moon meditations involve what I like, who I like, and what I want more of!

Becoming a Waxing Moon Phase Expert

Whether you call it the waxing moon rituals or waxing moon spells, the intention must focus on expansion to capitalize on the lunar energy.   Serious moon lovers use waxing moon astrology to specifically fine-tune their results.

For example, A waxing moon in a cardinal sign reacts differently than a waxing moon in a fixed or mutable one.  The same is true for the Zodiac element.  Waxing Moon phases in water signs feel different than waxing phases in earth or fire signs.  Ultimately the Waxing moon spiritual meaning tends to correspond with the Zodiac Sign’s house rulership.

If you want to become a waxing moon expert, join us at  Sign up for our Moon Inspirations and receive our “Moon Messages Year at a Glance.”  This quick, cheat sheet will give you the basic energy for all of the waxing, waning, full, and new moons.

Light, Love, & Reverence


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