Winter Solstice celebration or Yule celebration is known for family gatherings, evergreens, and gift giving.  But what if I told you that Yuletide season is the most powerful season of the year to set goals?  

While everyone else is resting, this is the moment we should be working the hardest to manifest our wildest dreams.  By the time January 1st rolls around, it is too late.

Please don’t mistake me, take time to celebrate Yule season with your family.  Family Sabbat celebrations are a vital part of our lives. But the energetic implications of the Winter Solstice are too conducive to advancing your goals to let this time go to waste.  

Yule Natural Energies

Yule or Winter Solstice, marks the first day of Winter.  This also marks the longest night of the year.  From Yule until the Summer Solstice, the days will grow longer and longer.

There are magical reasons why this Yuletide season is the time to set goals.  First we explore the powerful natural elements and energies at work.  Next we examine some ideas for yuletide goal setting.

1.  The Sun 

Consider this.  The Sun is the largest, most powerful, source of energy.  It  is so big and powerful that it provides heat so that life can exist here on earth.  If the Sun (the largest energy source) is growing this time of year, shouldn’t we do the same? 

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rest.  But projects initiated this season have lasting implications.  We just don’t realize this because we’re so focused on the cold of Winter and the length of the night.

Also, we often don’t give our goals the time to culminate.  But even the efforts of the Sun, (the lengthening of the days) takes time to manifest.  The days don’t reach their longest point until the summer.

2. Capricorn & Saturn

Capricorn is probably the most underrated sign in the Zodiac.  Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn rules the house of Career, Tradition, and Reputation.  Saturn has a fatherly, disciplinarian mythology and represents areas of responsibility in one’s natal chart.

Capricorn is an Earth & Cardinal zodiac sign.  This means that while the energy is grounded, stable, and practical, it initiates changes such as the season of winter. Capricorns are natural leaders.  

Capricorn energy is fantastic for building large and long lasting structures.  Capricorn are shrewd in business, ambitious, and persistent.  

Yuletide Intention Ideas

So what should I work on during my Winter Solstice celebration?  

Business Plan

Yes, I said it.  Your winter solstice celebration should include making space to build or revisit your business plan.  Have the office party!  But instead of just lounging, break out the white board and strategize. 

Whether you want to set out to grow your business, change careers, or you are looking for a creative marketing plan, this Yuletide season is the perfect time of the year to begin building the foundation of your goals.

Practical Goals

I happened upon this secret by accident.  While on a family vacation, I made the best set of resolutions imaginable.  

First, I listed all the areas of my life: financial, physical, spiritual, etc.  After I had my list, I drew a line and divided the page into two columns.  Next on the first column I listed my goals in green. Finally on the other side, I listed in red what I would have to give up in order to make room for the goal. 

By making a realistic list of what I would have to give up and remove from my life, I didn’t just make a list of resolutions.  I unknowingly made plan. And it just so happened that the things keeping me from my fitness goals (junk food, going out to eat, watching too much tv) were the same things keeping me from my financial goals.  Go figure!  Who knew?

Closing Remarks for Winter Solstice Celebration

So while everyone else is focused on family and home during winter solstice celebration, I like to double down on the career.  If you make an effort to enjoy your family all year long, working on career during Yule isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a natural desire.

If you wait until January first to write goals, the momentum from the Winter Solstice is gone.  To get ahead, sometimes we have to do the opposite of what society tells us to do.  

This is precisely why Mystic Family was created.  Because magical secrets involve simple shifts that make profound results in our lives.

Remember that good things come to those that wait.  Join Mystic Family by downloading your Magical Year at a Glance.  You will get weekly motivations and learn these secrets to create the life you have always wanted.   

Love, Light, & Reverence,

Maria Mercedes O’Neill

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